How Do People Get Over How They Got Tinnitus? Self-Blame and Such...

Discussion in 'Support' started by Digga, Jan 15, 2016.

    1. Digga

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      OK I want to know if there was something which happened the day you got T you never wanted to. Let me explain. So one day I was at home playing video games and a friend called asking if i wanted to go out so I did. Whilst out the radio was put on full blast and I sat there in the car thinking I need to get them to turn it down or I will end up with tinnitus. However I froze literally froze felt embarresed to ask them to turn it down. After about 5 mins it was turned down but ever since my ears ring. How is one meant to get over this?
    2. daniel1111

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      Noise induced, repeated exposure with loud headphones.
      I'm pretty sure my T is due to listening to loud music far too much since I upgraded my audio setup and headphones.

      You can blame yourself over and over for this, but you have to realise that it's not going to help anything and you can't go back in time. I beat myself up over it for a little while, but my energy was better used being positive and going towards accepting my situation.

      I wish I could go back still, but at least I've been given an early warning on this stuff. Had I just received hearing loss and not T I would just keep damaging my ears over and over until I couldn't hear properly.
    3. Bertman
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      It just takes time. When I first got T from loud music I was devastated, but over the next several months I just began to accept it.
    4. Owen

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      Unclear. Inflammatory allergic reaction/AIED
      I can totally relate to this. I was given a drug by the doctors for an unrelated condition. When the tinnitus first started, I went to the doctors to report it and asked if it could be related to the drug. I was told no, it couldn't be and so carried on taking it.

      Over the next 9 months it got worse and worse until I made the decision to stop. Since then (now 7 months ago), it has been slowly improving, with all the weird central noises getting quieter, but the strong ring in my right ear is still present and I keep thinking - if only I had trusted my instincts and ignored the doctor, maybe it would have gone completely. As it has become quieter over time, I still keep hoping it will eventually go completely though. Because it was eventually recognised as some strange, inflammatory response, apparently 7 months isn't that long, which seems to hold some truth as it took months for some of the other side effects to go.

      I have a strange relationship with my tinnitus though, as I can both get rid of it and sometimes it is not present when I wake up. This morning was one such occasion. I fall asleep with the TV on a one hour timer and hopefully by the time it has switched off, I'm asleep. When I awoke this morning - before the alarm, it was totally silent. I lay in bed completely motionless for 30 minutes, just to enjoy the silence. As I sat upright to get up, sure enough, there it was - blast!!
    5. Atlantis

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      Were you aware of what permanent tinnitus is before you got it? That's a first, people usually don't know
    6. John Meyers

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      Just One (1) Loud Rock Concert!
      I did something stupid at a loud concert in mid-Sept, 2015 and still blame myself for what I did. -- We can't go back in time and can only learn from our mistakes.

      I realized that I was partying a little too hard and decided to scale back a little (just a little :)

      Blaming yourself is a waste of time. Just move on. I know it's hard but you can do it and your T will get better.
    7. Dave AUS

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      Adelaide, Australia
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      Too Loud Indoor Rock Concert
      It is my first year anniversary of going to that indoor rock concert and being up the front. I still can't get past beating myself up for putting my hearing at risk as I'm the person that always wore earmuffs while using the mower. I had attended my best friends father's funeral the day before and had broken up with my girlfriend a few days before so I was a bit of a state emotionally and wanted to shake it off by attending a concert by my favorite band. Apart from this I'm such a careful person who is boring and doesn't take risks. I can't stop being mad at myself. I was partially drunk and know my body temperature was hot as I was sweaty. Also I did jump up and down on occasion. It was 3 hour concert of their A to Z hits. I still can't stop the cycle of blaming myself although I know I am just the unlucky one. I just didn't know ringing in the ears could be permanent. I didn't know the risks. I just knew that over time with exposure to loud noise at concerts you'll go deaf eventually. I can't believe I was so stupid and just didn't know but still I exposed myself to loud noise unnecessarily. I do partially hate myself for ruining my life. I am only a shell of my old self. :(
    8. Engineer

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      Most likely acoustic hearing loss
      From someone who caused his T ... Repeat after me "I forgive myself". Say it as often as you need to. It works. Say it when you are feeling down about it.
    9. fishbone

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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      I or we cannot go back in time and try to reverse our demons. Believe me, if I was educated on this and had known It would have been a different situation. We cannot blame ourselves all the time for this horror. It won't change a thing.

      If you want to do something positive, please educate our youth about this, let them know how destructive loud noise is to their ears. IF kids are not educated these days, they have a higher chance at getting horrible tinnitus. Movies are so loud now, everything is so so loud now. If I just had some education, on this matter almost 30 years ago. I want our kids to never have to go through this garbage, it truly impacts people's lives....

      Be well
    10. Alue
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      Acoustic Trauma
      I find it harder when someone else's idiocy caused it. I took all the precautions with safety and with my hearing, but you can't protect yourself fully from idiots.
    11. linearb

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      Life is unpredictable, dangerous and blameless, more or less.

      Every once in a while someone just steps outside and, poof, struck by lightning. The world is fickle.
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    12. LadyDi

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      Random accidents happen to all of us throughout our lives. As I have said here at TT before: We have to learn to accept that bad shit comes for all of us at some point, no matter how vigilant we are. All you can do is protect yourself as best you can and learn how to deal with it when you can't.
    13. canyonero

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      Acoustic Trauma?
      I was taking some supplements that were probably worthless. I also wasn't paying attention in the weight room and the let the leg press machine slam in my ear. I am not sure either of these caused my T, but I am pretty sure the weight room incident caused my H. I am embarrassed about both.
    14. Hopeful1

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      Loud Music
      Ususally H causes if you had yor H first and then might be right.

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