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Discussion in 'Support' started by Jimartin98, May 24, 2022.

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      Hi all,

      My name is James. I think I have a mild case of tinnitus but it causes me no concern and difficulty. I've signed up here to ask people how it affects them, to help my understanding. I'm part of a church and there are members of the congregation who suffer with tinnitus and so I want to be well equipped to empathise with them through what I've been reading is a difficult, sometimes anxiety inducing problem.

      One of my questions is, does loud music trigger tinnitus? Can tinnitus get worse when loud music is played? Or is it that loud music makes people more aware of the tinnitus?

      Many thanks,
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      Noise exposure?
      Quick answer, YES! You should avoid loud noises and certain medicines!
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      It depends, but the short answer is yes, loud music can make tinnitus worse. Whether it makes yours or any other person's tinnitus worse is highly individual. Loud music or loud sounds can also lead to hyperacusis and / or noxacusis.

      Loud music probably does not trigger it in that sense that it masks it while the music is played, but can lead to temporary/permanent spikes, so if you don't want to completely avoid exposure to loud sounds, ear protection is recommended.

      There is a phenomenon, reactive tinnitus, which may be heard as various undertones, extra sounds during an external sound as if the tinnitus wanted to compete with the outside sounds if this makes sense.
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