How Fast Does Tinnitus React to High Sodium Foods?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Eva79, Sep 30, 2020.

    1. Eva79

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      17 sept 2020
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      Right now I experience a much louder and higher pitched noise in my left ear. A couple of hours ago I ate some ramen which is very high on sodium. Can a reaction come so fast to foods?
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    2. Elmer B Fuddled

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      plugged nasal eustachian tube
      Yes a reaction can come that fast.
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    3. frischky

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Yes, I believe it can. Also ramen tends to be loaded with MSG, which can also give you a spike.
    4. Kipper6.6

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      Jan 2021
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      This thread might be dead by now but my tinnitus goes up immediately after food, sometimes while eating. TMJ effect, or is this related to the food?
    5. GoatSheep

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      Try chewing some gum and see if it the pattern repeats. If it does then it’s probably related to TMJ and a somatic component to your tinnitus.
    6. BuzzyBee

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      Not Sure
      I've wondered about this too. For me, it's definitely not TMJ because it happens a lot with ice cream. I also thought it might be sodium, but ice cream is not exactly packed with sodium. Also, I've eaten things like processed lunch meat and have had it happen and NOT happen. Same with blood sugar. I bought a glucometer and one point and didn't notice any correlation.

      So the other guesses are it has something to do with digestion itself, Krebs cycle or serotonin in the gut or dopamine changes.

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