How I Got Rid of My Tinnitus

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      Hi everyone.

      This is just a short story behind my tinitus experience and how I overcame it by myself. I hope this can be of help to anyone.

      Just to note, the title states "How I got rid" of my tinitus, but infact its still there, the same ringing noise.

      Ok. To begin, I first experienced Tinnitus a few days after I first had an anxiety attack after a heavy night out drinking and smoking.

      (I have also been able to come over my anxiety, which was pretty damn serious)

      After having my anxiety attack, i was being anxious about anything and everything. This could be from questioning life, existence, people, anything. Soon enough my anxiety locked into this ringing noise in my head and then I started becoming anxious about this ringing noise. Once my anxiety got locked into this noise, the noise would not leave me. A constant ringing noise, loud as hell and god I thought this is never going to stop. I was helpless especially at night, during days other noises would help to hinder the ringing noise.

      So this is how I over came it. It was simple. After doing research on the internet, I came across this simple idea of 'Habitation' and these are the simple steps which I followed. Yes when u first come across this concept of 'Habitation' you think to your self how on earth am I going to habituate to this ringing noise ?

      Well this is the step i followed.

      First off all, ask your self why are u scared of this noise ? You do realise this noise has been there all your life.

      Because we are scared of this noise, our brain takes the noise into more consideration as your constantly aware of it.

      So Accept it and ask your self why are u scared of it ? Dont be. Its been there all your life.

      The more you try to run away from it, the more it will stand out to your brain.

      When some one says dont look, your 1st instict is to look ! Funny ei ? Going back to our brain, you tell yoir brain to ignore and run away from it, the more it will acklowledge the noise. So stop.

      Acceptance is the first step.
      Second, dont be afraid of it. Just let it be there.

      Please try this. It may seem hard at first, but this worked for me and I hpe it works for you.

      My tinnitus is still here, same noise but it does not bother me. I have accepted it and its just there, I am not afraid of it so it can ring there as much as it fucking wants. I will just get on with my life :)

      God bless you and I hope you people recover well.
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    2. Mike TerMaaten

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      April 20, 2013
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      2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck
      I think a lot of people are having trouble with that line.

      My ears had always been quite. until April 20, 2013
      ..And now they're nearly quite again.
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    3. Too young

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      I am confused by the noise has always been there? I agree with Mike
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