How Long for Low-Sodium Diet to Work? (Or Does It?)

Discussion in 'Support' started by vegasjon, Nov 5, 2015.

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      Hi all,
      I've mostly given up on getting rid of "the ring," but am desperately trying to manage the pressure/fullness from what the doc believes to be cochlear or endolymphatic hydrops. Background: I had a stapedectomy a year ago and it relieved me of many other horrible issues, but the awful (ungodly) fullness and pressure is chronic. I'm on a diuretic now, as well as Florical, and have knocked my sodium intake way, way, way down from what was, admittedly, probably a very high amount. Has anyone had success with a diuretic and low-salt diet -- and how long did it take to see results?
    2. Richard Wallace

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      Hi vegasjon, I don't have an answer for your post, but I was going to post something similar a little while back about the success rate with a low sodium diet. I too have eaten too much salty foods as I admit I love salt. I also have a lot of problems with fullness and pressure in my ears also and it has escalated to getting pretty bad with moderate to near severe pain at different times. Dizziness to boot. I hope some people answer your post with some positive results. I'll be checking to see also. Please hang in there my friend, you're not alone. God Bless...... Rich
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      I'm tempered to start drinking cucumber/celery juice as I read somewhere is a good natural diuretic.
      Maybe that would help with the pressure I also have.
      Sorry I have no experience with low sodium diet, you will probably have to be persistent for few months at least to see if it helps.
      I'm using Celtic salt in cooking, for years now, its suppose to be a healthy salt but I'm not sure how it compares to usual supermarket salt in terms of sodium content.
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      I believe it was meds and stress
      Salt is evil for me. If I eat salt laden food Im done the t and H go up to 8-9. You cant eat salt or you will get a spike that lasts for the day. Potassium based food will help ease the spike.
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    5. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      I have a low salt diet due to Menieres but diuretics set my asthma off so carn't take it.
      My son had the same opp as you but is ok but had a second opp a few years later to remove a mass growing in his middle ear....hope your ear settles down for you soon...lots of love glynis
    6. AUTHOR

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      Thanks to all. I'm trying to limit my sodium intake to 1,500 mg/day (closer to 1,000, when possible). When I actually assessed what I was eating, I estimate my daily intake was probably 3,000 on a "low salt" day and 4,000 or more on a "high" one. It was never an issue (so I thought) because I don't have high blood pressure. So -- now -- I'm sacrificing right and left, counting every grain of salt and looking up sodium levels on everything (literally). It's an understatement to say this is both a challenge and, frankly, depressing. If it works, then great! But I have this fear that it's going to change absolutely nothing and now, in addition to all that I'm being robbed of by whatever it is I have (Meniere's, secondary hydrops, otosclerosis, etc.), I also get to miss out on normal food. Yipee. I'm sticking with it for now, but was hoping for some first-hand recollections in regard to how it all worked out... and how long it took to feel a difference.

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