How to Accept the New Normal — Facial Pain, Congested Face/Jaw?

Discussion in 'Support' started by ShaunR, Apr 4, 2021.

    1. ShaunR

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      June 2004
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      Concert + Motorbike

      I've had hyperacusis since last June. During that time I've been through some pretty horrendous symptoms which drove me to the brink of the s word.

      What I'm left with now is a constant face ache and a feeling like congestion in my face and jaw. Compared to constant burning and pressure pain this is tolerable but still a daily annoyance and something my brain won't unlatch from.

      My new challenge now is accepting this is my new normal and stopping my brain constantly focusing on face ache and other face, jaw and ear sensations.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    2. Aaron91

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      Loud music/headphones/concerts - Hyperacusis from motorbike
      Keeping busy helps the mind remain distracted, but I know how difficult it is for any of us to do anything that can keep us busy.

      @FGG also just made an interesting post theorising a link between viruses and hyperacusis cases which have trigeminal neuralgia symptoms (such as the ones you're describing). I'm going to get tested later this week and may go on a course of anti-virals.
    3. annV

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      unknown - possibly hereditary
      It's difficult when you can't concentrate on tasks due to tinnitus and then if you have severe hyperacusis, which I don't, I imagine it's hard to do tasks that involve any noise.

      A hell!
      I hope you overcome this challenge.
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    4. K.A.

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      2008, then 2020
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      Noise exposure
      @ShaunR I did get "sudden" jaw pain more or less overnight in november. In the same month hyperacusis developed, and even some other sensitivities. I am still not rid of it.

      I have tinnitus from a shotgun episode (no protection) in 2008 but had an episode on the summer of 2020 which I got some other frequencies after using a chain saw (with ear muffs). I am actually still not sure if the stuff after the chain saw are due to noise or jaw-stuff. I used some new earmuffs (not Peltor) for 2 whole days and did not find it to be very loud. So I wonder if they could have pressed to much on my jaws or something. The tinnitus from after the chain saw episode I can vary in loudness very much by straining the face muscles and has a much higher pitch, but the tone from 2008 is not responding to this at all and is medium pitch.

      EDIT: The high pitch tinnitus is also louder on the same side of the face where the jaw pain is worse. However the tinnitus came right after the chain saw episode, the pain and hyperacusis came 2-3 months after that.

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