How to Avoid Banana Peels on the Street: ENTs vs Neurotologists

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      Here's a list of neurotologists, very very few outside of the US

      Here's what the legendary hbep had to say about neurotologists and ENTs 13 years ago:

      ''By the way - the stuff about ENT's being the person to see is baloney. I know you read my post 'Which Specialist to see' by the vestibular research nurse. Fascinating - especially that neuro otos have done many, many yrs more training in the inner ear. To be honest I have wracked my brains as to why ENT's don't refer complex dizzy cases on to neuro otos - I am beginning to have a horrible feeling that it's professional pride and stubborness. Namely, they think, why would they want to go there, I'm perfectly capable of diagnosing this myself. I am in contact on another board with a man who runs a balance centre in THe States, he is fantastically brainy and also very kind and one of the things he tells everyone is that the correct person to see for a dizzy condition is definitely a neurotologist - don't let your GP or your ENT make you doubt your judgement on this. Mine looked at me weirdly when I asked to be referred - she is very nice but didn't know what a neurotologist was! It is absolutely the right move. This is your health, not theirs. They aren't dealing with this head monster every day. I think (not 100% sure) that everyone on the NHS is entitled to a second opinion/referral if they want one. Also, you can be referred outside of your catchment area by your GP if the type of specialist you want to see isn't available within your catchment area. The one I saw is definitely not in my catchment area.''

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