How to Get Relief from Sharp Pain and Ear Fullness?

Discussion in 'Support' started by tiniturk, Mar 23, 2023.

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      Acoustic trauma
      Hello everyone,

      I have had moderate tinnitus since December ‘22. First month was hell but I can say that I almost habituated to the sound. It still bothers me every now and then (especially at night) but I’m still grateful for my suffering.

      Since the initial onset of my tinnitus (which was caused by acoustic trauma), I have a sharp but manageable pain in my ear, along with a feeling of “fullness”. I do not want to syringe my ear due to fear of possibly worsening my tinnitus, but I do wonder if some you guys have (had) this same problem and if any drugs/supplements have relieved you from this feeling. My tinnitus is liveable, however the pain and the fullness I feel in the ear are very uncomfortable.

      For reference: I live in the Netherlands.
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      I had a really bad bout of ear fullness when my tinnitus started and unfortunately I found nothing that helped. I laid on the couch and put heat on the one ear. That’s about it.
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      Loud noise
      For me, the only thing that made it better was time and avoiding loud noise as much as possible.

      The fullness usually goes away quick but the sharp pain can be slower to go away. It goes away with time for 90% of people but it can take a few months.

      I'm over a year into when I first got that sharp pain which is gone now, but I do have daily pain that's not as bad. No idea what's causing it. I went to an ENT last week and they said I looked fine so that sucks.

      I found no pain medication to help at all. You probably gotta try some really serious medication. Or low dose Naltroxone or whatever it's called, there are threads on Tinnitus Talk about it.

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