How to Live in the Presence

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sound Wave, Sep 22, 2014.

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      I read this recently and thought this is worth sharing here. As we know, constant listening and thinking of T combined with gloomy thoughts of the future is hell. It is also the opposite of living in presence, i.e. being mindful of the presence. So, how to live with presence should be a life goal to all of us. :)

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      Tell me about it. A few years back when my ultra high pitch T and severe H hit, gloomy thoughts of the future was sure hell, because they triggered bad anxiety & panic attacks on auto mode. These thoughts when fueled with cognitive distortions were just nightmares. Meds were the only weapons to stop the panic attacks. No amount of will power could stop them. Then slowly, by reading up (especially from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle), I realized I wasn't living the present. I often let the future which is not yet a reality to dictate my present moment. I couldn't do anything about the future because it is not here yet for me to have some sense of control. Only the PRESENT, the very moment in front of me, I can do something to change its quality. So instead of sitting in bed suffering, monitoring T constantly and worrying about the future, I decided to take action to change the present moment. I would dare my T & H to go out to do what I used to enjoy (with ear plugs or partial masking if needed). I would reclaim my life back, fishing, gardening, spending time with family, camping etc. These kept me busy and occupied instead of worrying about the future. After a year of two of doing that, life was back to normal and I have changed my approach, from worrying about the future to living and enjoying the moment with positivity. Freedom at last, from both T & meds. T can go to hell while I live my earthly heaven.
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      @billie48. I am working on this concept as well. My T is doing much better. I am trying to now focus on not worrying about the future with my Meneires Diagnosis. The difficulty is not knowing when the next attack is going to strike...similar to not knowing when T is going to spike. My goal is to try to learn to live in the moment and not react to what comes at me. I hope in a couple of years, I too, will have it mastered as you do!
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      HFHL and stress
      Great stuff @Sound Wave! Living in the moment takes a lot of practice for me...I was always worried about the future but lately I'm staying more in the present. When I find myself getting into my bad habit of worrying now, I tell myself to keep my head where my feet are...right here. :)
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