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      I have noise induced tinnitus and wish I'd taken better care of my ears. The ringing is annoying and I long for quit.

      I'm glad I came across this forum. I can now be part of a community dealing with the same issues. I appreciate all the posts I've read so far.
      Thanks to all of you
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      Hi e-c, glad you founds us. Yes there is much information here on all the different forum, plus if you just want to vent how you feel this is the place, we totally get it here. Not like you have to explain what you are going through, and then some one will say "they can't do anything, that would drive me crazy" I went through that last night talking to my cousin. I appreciate his concern, but this is the best place for info and venting out you're feelings etc..
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      Welcome, and you are definitely not alone in the struggle. Of all the negatives, the positive is that we have T in the age of precision medicine. There are realistic, tangible treatments being researched and developed. If you are losing hope, put faith in science and the brilliance of the men and women working on this. Have you checked the Autifony thread? That and the Trobalt thread serves as one of the most solid works as far as medicine for T goes. It is quite amazing and reassuring that we may very well meet silence in our lifetime. Aside from the scientific stuff, this forum has such great people that truly cares, and they are willing to give support when you are at your lowest.

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      Welcome to TT. You describe your T as annoying. That is a good sign actually. The objective of T habituation is to change the signal of T from life threatening to annoying and then less annoying, finally to neutral. Keep reading the positive stuff here such as the success stories and the Postivity Thread, and sooner or later your T will become less and less annoying. We also have the Treatment forum to update you with the latest development and news about exciting things such as Autifony, AM101, Tobalt etc. Also, if T really gets annoying, try to use masking to reduce the degree of annoyance. TT has great masking tracks which you should have access when you sign up here. Take care and God bless.

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