Huey Lewis Talking About His Tinnitus and Meniere's

Discussion in 'Awareness & Fundraising' started by Ed209, Nov 8, 2018.

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      This was on NBC’s TODAY on the 7th of May. I don’t think it’s been posted here before, but it’s quite a revealing interview and is worth watching.

      Huey Lewis Opens Up About His Sudden Hearing...
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      It's great these musicians are raising awareness, but I just can't help wondering why Eric Clapton, Huey Lewis, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townsend, Ozzie Osborne etc. don't get together and form a Foundation for tinnitus and hearing loss research. I realize that musicians are an at risk population, but is it a given that a musician will experience hearing loss or are some more predisposed? -TC
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      possibly hearing loss/acoustic damage, unknown
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      On the one hand, I understand what he means but on the other hand... We could have a bigger patient movement pushing for better research and treatments but instead, there are too many people with tinnitus who don't take action. This would have been a wonderful opportunity to share how debilitating this condition can be and how dire the lack of available treatments is.

      If even other people with tinnitus constantly downplay it or only talk about coping and getting used to it, it's no wonder so little has been done to tackle this issue.
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      Huey Lewis, the pop singer, has Menière's disease (as do I, we finally decided). He's done a couple of interviews lately where he's talked about it, feeling suicidal, his career, and so on. The most recent was in Rolling Stone this week. It's inspirational:

      Greene, Andy, "Huey Lewis May Never Perform Again. But He Refuses to Give Up”, Rolling Stone online,, published February 4, 2020 11:58AM ET, accessed 6 Feb 2020.

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