Hyperacusis/Tinnitus and Depression/Anxiety

Discussion in 'Support' started by Athens, Nov 10, 2021.

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      Hello. Is there a causal connection here? The auditory system is apparently sensitive to changes in mood.

      Do depression and/or anxiety bring hyperacusis and tinnitus to the surface?

      Some believe that calming your central nervous system will result in hyperacusis and tinnitus to back off but if there has been significant damage to the auditory system due to noise exposure, wouldn’t you still experience these problematic issues?
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      Being a musician!
      I'm surprised that there haven't been any replies to this. I've had quite the journey re anxiety over the last 8 years. I also went to a concert in late 2019 without earplugs - not a good move for someone whose livelihood is being a musician. It was loud, but what really hit my ears hard was the deafening sound of screaming fans behind me after the first song. Wish I'd walked out there and then...

      My hearing issues/tinnitus/hyperacusis died down after a few months thankfully - and were then triggered again by my first vaccine jab.

      I've had another setback from noise exposure (which I really didn't expect to affect me, being in an acoustic setting) - however, the main thing which leads to that burning sensation in my ears being particularly heightened over the last two years is often anxiety, so I'm thinking of heading down the medication route.

      Would love to hear from anyone who's had success quelling these horrible ear issues with antidepressants.

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