Hyperacusis with Burning Sensation — Protecting Ears from Everyday Sounds?

Discussion in 'Support' started by AbeS, Jan 10, 2020.

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      Hi everyone who is reading, this is my first post on the forum.

      I recently had a slight cold, during which my tinnitus got a bit louder in my worst ear but I felt the hyperacusis was getting better.
      Now when the cold is more or less over my hyperacusis is very bad again with a burning sensation in and around my bad (left) ear and at times feeling it down the neck and arm as well as my face.

      Should I protect my ears from all sounds that feels bad in the ears, like watching TV, driving car, walking in traffic?

      Any suggestions or personal experiences are welcomed to be shared.
      My anxiety is pretty bad at the moment, especially during the night.

      I can also add that I’m currently on withdrawal from Sertralin.
      Is there a similar pill considered safe for tinnitus?

      Thanks for reading!
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      Yes, until the symptoms become less severe.

      At its worst I had to protect my ears from flushing toilets and normal conversations. I've gradually increased my exposure, but I still protect when in the kitchen with other people about, and when out in traffic. A sudden car horn can go off at any time but overall I've reduced my earplug usage from around 75% of the day to around 10% over around 6 months.
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      Yes, try to protect your ears from sounds that they don't like right now. Over time, you may get used to some of those sounds…

      The cold may have an impact on the perceived loudness of sounds too.
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