I Am 59, Have Had Tinnitus Since June 2015

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Renée Béland, Feb 21, 2016.

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      Hi ,
      I am 59 and have a tinnitus since June 2015 (9 months) in my left ear with mild hearing loss in left ear ( 3000 to 4000 hz). My tinnitus is sometimes a pulse, sometimes a constant noise with variable intensity. It gets very bad after a long flight. Yesterday my daughter gave me a pill of Cyclobenzaprine (10 mg). I took it for the first time. I slept very well and the sound this morning is a pulse with a much lower intensity! I want to try it for a while, so I will ask my doctor to prescribe me the correct dosage, I read it works better with 30 mg.... I am really happy because it looks that there is finally hope for this so annoying and depressing problem. I will come back on this forum to tell you how things are going...
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      not sure
      Warm welcome to the forum. It is a known fact that sleep deprivation can surely aggravate T. In fact in this thread which I posted also for some points to help newer sufferer, the OP at post# 1 stated that the first thing you need is to get enough sleep.


      TT also has this excellent support thread which besides giving you some excellent masking sounds with an audio player, it also contains tips and step by step instructions for newer sufferers. It contains link to the Positivity Thread, a sleep thread, as well as links to ATA & BTA for more useful info. The more you learn about T, the less you will be fearful of it and the easier for the brain to stay calm. Here is the link for it: ((the icons on the left side give you step-by-step instructions what to do and the audio player is highlighted by the hypertext ‘our player’)


      Also, you may want to consider natural supplements for sleep, such as melatonin, chamomile tea, hops, valerian tablets etc. Take good care and God bless.

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