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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by fran gilbert, Feb 2, 2016.

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      I have Ménière's disease
      I have joined today and want to tell you how I cope with tinnitus, I have menieres and besides extreme vertigo, nausea, anxiety and exhaustion which in itself is debilitation I have tinnitus as an extra symptom, I have coped with everything for 32 years, I have tried relaxation tapes while I try to sleep, I have stressed with the high buzzing in both ears as bilateral menieres, each ear plays a different noise, one day I was so ill I couldn't cope anymore so I lay down and listened to the extreme noises, took a long time but as I relaxed more the noises decreased, I as so pleased I had realised stress makes noises extreme, so if I feel stressed I don't take a sleeping tablet or anything I just lay down, on settee, bed anywhere warm and relax, you must give it a try, takes a while to get the hang of relaxation x
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      Welcome and I do agree with you stress is bad for T. Anxiety is bad for T too. So the best thing is to stay calm, relax and remain positive as much as one can. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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