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      Hi my name is Michelle and I have been suffering with this sooooooo annoying noise for 3 years solid now, and I am at my wits end. Would like to talk to other sufferers that have this, and to try and have some sort of understanding form it,because I have been doctors, hospitals, Iv'e tried EVERYTHING!!!
      It would be great if someone out there would please put my mind at rest,
      Thank you :(:dunno::thankyousign:
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      Barking dogs/stress
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      not sure
      There are treatment alternatives on the TT Treatments or alternative treatments sections. So read up those to give you some hope (such as trobalt, AM101, Autifony etc) that good things are happening. One interesting recent discussion is on the CBD oil drops so you never know what new things can come up to help. If you haven't yet tried these, taking supplements such as NAC, Magnesium, Zinc, B12, D3 etc seem to help some people. Also try cut back on MSG, salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol etc. Try to have good sleep. Mindfulness meditation seems to help many including myself. You can also read up the success stories to see if some insights or strategies mentioned by members can help you. The most read story 'Back to Silence' by IWLM has a simple method and it has helped him after 40 years of T. So never rule out the possibility that you can improve your condition by some of these methods. Take good care and God bless.
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