I Am Not Able to Study. Please Help Me.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rukhaiya, Feb 24, 2014.

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      I am new here, having tinnitus since 2 days.. It really bothers me much. I have my exam in 1 month. am not able to study please please help..
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      God knows
      Hi Rukhaiya. Welcome. How did you get tinnitus?
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      Try listening to some music while studying (not headphones), or have television on but low. You should probably go to the doctor about the ringing. Have you had a cold or exposed your ears to loud music? Finding the cause of your T is important
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      not sure
      First off, most of us understand how terrible you feel in the first days with tinnitus. It is such an alien sound and your brain will zoom in on it all the time. We had been there so we know. So the best thing is to get some masking going, and try to see your doctor to see if you need some meds to help you temporarily. Don't worry too much about T as it may fade or disappear for the newer sufferer. Focus on your exam to get it over first. You have all the time after that to deal with T. Most people will get better with T over time and with a good attitude. You can rush T to be better overnight so don't waste time and energy on that. Focus on the study as much as you can, using music or nature sounds to mask it if needed to get your concentration away from T. All the best to you and your exam.
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      Hi Rukhaiya,

      I feel your pain! I have had T since August of last year and had a BIG very important exam that I took in December. I was worried that while taking the exam my T would get the best of me and I wouldn't be able to concentrate. You just have to try to train yourself to focus on other things. A lot of the time while I was studying I was so distracted by the material that I didn't notice my T too much. I always had some background noise on which helped significantly. While I was taking my exam I really didn't notice my T. I was too consumed in just wanting the exam to be over and done with that I really forced myself to tune out the T, and it worked. It's amazing what your brain can do when you tell it to do something! I know it's easier said than done, trust me, I've been there.:cat: Good Luck!
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