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Discussion in 'Support' started by Luisa, Feb 20, 2014.

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      My Tinnitus journey is only growing in most disturbing way, and thought to ask you all out there if anyone (since major neurologists dont know) if you've experienced anything to this level.
      My right ear has the very loud tinnitus and pulsatile has developed as well. I have forced myself after 3 months of seclusion to get on with life as best as possible. Ive done that, however, as luck would have it, a new VERY different type of head noise developed over the past 2 months that they are not even calling Tinnitus. A loud vibrating engine type noise that I can liken to a motor boat running and vibrating on the left side of my head. The humming and vibration builds in intensity in a very quiet room and has grown from being faint, to being so loud I must turn on noise to stop the intense vibration in my head.
      Im on to the big neurologists who ordered MRA, MRV...and MRI...I did it all...Everything came out normal. Now the neurologists claim the only way to rule out an AV Fistula that can cause such humming is to have an Angiogram!!...Thats a whole other ball of invasive testing and has huge risks!!...Im not an old woman and the thought of having such an invasive test is so disturbing.
      So I ask you dear people...has anyone experienced a myriad of Tinnitus noises...and specifically a "heavy humming" a noise you can feel as well as hear that seems way more intrusive than the loud ringing in the other ear. Your responses are most appreciated...thanks
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      Hi Luisa .. Ive had exactly The loud humming noises you describe .. The first time it stayed for several months maybe 2 or 3 .. I can't quite remember and then one day it just faded away to nothing .. Naturally i was over the moon but then after a few weeks it came back just as loud humming and vibrating.. I actually hated it more than by damn loud hissssss .. But then for no apparent reason after a few weeks it disappeared again and has stayed away this time thankfully.. I think that your sound will do the same in time .. Try listening to some tinnitus masking sounds like running water or bird songs through an mp3 player or an i pod .. I remember that i was doing this at the time .. Tinnitus is totally unpredictable and your humming noise could disappear as quickly as it came im sure.. Ive had other noises that have disappeared like the sound of Church bells tolling in the distance.. But this loud hiss seems to be harder wired than the other rubbish.. I really hope your sounds disappear very soon .. Try. Not to react to it and keep some background noises on .. Good luck and never give up ..Micky.
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      I'm not sure if mine is anything like yours, but ever since I've had pulsating in my right ear, the combination of the ringing and the pulsating has been kind of like a vibrating humming sound. When the pulsating first started, it was much worse than it is now, and when I tried to sleep, I felt as if my whole body would vibrate with the sound. I do want you to know, however, that mine has improved with time, so there is a good possibility that yours could, too.

      I've also heard that the "gold standard" of tests for these conditions is an angiogram. I haven't had that test myself; you could check with some of the people on Whooshers.com who have had the test to give you more information.

      It might be good to give it some time, before you would schedule an invasive test, to see if the noise goes away on its own. Tinnitus is very unpredictable, and changes can happen; noises can come and go.

      I'm so sorry you're having all these symptoms, and I wish you the best.

      Best wishes and hugs,
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