I Don't Think I Ever Had Hyperacusis (Potential Solution)

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      This thread is a tinnitus thread but I'm posting it here because I thought I had hyperacusis for a long time, which doesn't seem to be the case after I found a solution to my problem.

      For a long time I've been coping with tinnitus, ear pain, muffled and a change of hearing, but at the same time I was pretty tolerant to sound. The thing was that almost any sound would make my ear muffled and distorted hence it induced fear of sound for me from that. The distortion did however cause a change of pitch in certain sounds so higher frequencies would sometimes sound a little sharper, but not to the levels of being unbearable. I think this was just the ear's mechanism being sort of off the rails for a lack of a better term.

      I found out the real cause for the muffle and distortion however. It was tinnitus all along. Tinnitus of a pitch of such a degree it was affecting the ear 24/7 like an actual high pitch would do. Basically the pitch was so high (dog whistle sound?) that I couldn't really capture/perceive it anymore.

      But sounds/noises were affecting this very much still. It is sooooo strange. Sounds were functioning as sort of dials. Listening to one sound would dial it up and the other would dial it down, but listening to anything static for a long time like most sound therapies tend to be, would make my ear go into overdrive. Having gathered all this information for myself I forgot about pink or white noise being the best bets. Most of them are static and would make my 'pitch' worse.

      So I kept searching for a lot of sounds and anything would still dial my ears. One would ease up the muffling for a while but then swell the whole ear, the other would make my ear sound hollow as hell, and then another would give relief for a bit but then again just annoy me at some point. Most of these were repeated noises. Until recently I found the one the is dialing back the pitch.

      Something is really weird. My muffling is disappearing and I feel a lot of relief, but I can perceive the tinnitus much better. Would think it'd be worse with a more clear sounding tinnitus but I realized that I just couldn't perceive it with the extreme pitch. I think the noise I'm going to share is actually causing my tinnitus to dial back more and more. Not sure if it is ever going to disappear but it helps.

      I wonder if this would work for you guys. Maybe everyone needs to find their own dial. But it's worked really well for me so far.

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