I Have a New Job (McDonald's), Worried It Might Affect Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Artypawz, Sep 13, 2015.

    1. Artypawz

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      I know its a crappy job blah blah blah but I really need the money and they hired me. I have a job at McDonald's and I start in 4 days, the problem is, working on drive thru I'd need to wear a headset and I know they will put me on drive thru because I've done it before and its a big part of the role.

      I have damaged my right ear and haven't put a head set or ear phones any where near it since I damaged it. The drive thru headset is for the right ear :l

      So what should I do? :( I don't want to make my ear worse by having people ordering in my bad ear for 4hours +

      For people who don't know McDonald's is not very understanding , they want people to work and do whatever they tell you to do. I'm speaking from experience.
      Any advice please?
    2. dan

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      My advice is dont do the job.
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    3. object16

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      wear the head set, but also use a hearing protector under it, if possible. or see if there is an alternative headset with adjustable volume control and with built in noise cancelling features.
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    4. erik

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      Most likely hearing loss
      I agree on wearing a foam plug under the headset. I sometimes freelance video camera for sporting events. I have to wear a headset and it is very loud. I always use foam plugs and it works great.
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    5. dan

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      Well that could work....I dont have any experience with headseats....but its out of the question to wear a headset as is.
    6. uae96

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      But if you're the headset has a volume control and just put the volume on really low just so u could understand what they're saying , I don't see the problem in that it's actually a good thing to wear a headset it will block out the noisy restaurant noises
    7. Karl28

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      Maybe have the little ear piece, if its a big round thing, a bit back from your ear so its not directly in it.
    8. Josef Mills

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      Try putting an earplug in, don't poke it in all the way. I can still hear things with ear plugs pushed all the way in.
    9. Gosia

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      earplugs/ hearing loss
      From my experience the headsets in XXI century can be manipulated so that you wear it either on the left or on the right ear. You can change sides and normally also manipulate the volume. I'd be more concerned about the noise in the restaurant itself. When it happens to me to enter Burger King in my town, I can hardly stand three minutes inside. It's damn noisy in an annoying way.
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    10. flkb

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      I'm in a similar position. I'm starting my job at UPS next Tuesday and although loading the trucks isn't as loud as other positions, it's not a quiet area. I'll be sure to wear ear plugs and hope for the best.
    11. hoper

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      it's not a crappy Job. i hope you will be happy there.
      maybe there is another left ear Headset or you can buy one?
      but if you are unhappy and it's bad for yor ears - please don't do the job
    12. Steve H

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      Hi @Artypawz - how did it go, have you started and managed to explain to them?

      Your employer has a duty toward you so they should be understanding in providing equipment that won't harm you. Maybe you can tell them that you have a problem in that ear that will be made worse by the headset, which will likely last for a few months whilst it heals. Then say that you can work with a left sided headset fine. Not sure what country you are in but usually they can't discriminate because of a medical condition.
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    13. I who love music

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      Steve H is right. It's the law.... in the U.S.

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