I Have Tinnitus Related to Age-Related Hearing Loss — Ginger Improves It

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      Hi there,

      I have had tinnitus since 2013. I have been told it is related to age-related hearing loss in higher frequencies (I was in my 40s when it started).

      Anyway the reason I have joined this forum is that in December I discovered by chance that Ginger really helps reducing the noise of my tinnitus.

      I found a thread written by @Leodavinci saying the same thing on Tinnitus Talk:

      Ginger Root Reduced My Tinnitus Severity

      I will be trying to find out more about Ginger via this forum.

      Salsify x
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      Covid Vaccine
      I read a bit about using Ginger for tinnitus and it convinced me to head to Amazon and order up some organic Ginger tea!
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