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Discussion in 'Support' started by katriina, Feb 18, 2014.

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      I feel miserably right now. To be honest I don't feel like I have deserved this ringing in my head because I haven't ever enjoyed loud music etc and I have always protected my ears very well. Well because life is a bitch, ofcourse I had to have tinnitus with all other problems I already have.

      Now I just need to hear some comforting words that the cure etc is coming fast and so on. I also feel crappy because I live in Finlad where tinnitus is almost never heard thing and here is not certainly any clinical trials coming where I could sign up.

      I have been VERY depressed during this 3 months. I feel like nobody understands how I feel. It doesn't help that I'm only 18 years old.
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      First of all, Im pretty sure the medicine in Finland is not so bad. The media doesn't speak about a lot of things but that doesn't matter that if there will be a treatment that wont reach Finland - im pretty sure it will;) Secondly, yes I could tell that a "cure" is coming. But I think it is more realistic that treatments that enable you to control it will be available by the time you are 24-25 or even sooner. Im pretty sure if there are methods that help reduce the volume and prevent it from getting louder youll soon forget that you have it and wont address it as a problem anymore. Also, if you are depressed go visit a psychiatrist. He will prescribe you some meds that enable you to control it (of course the ones that wont make it louder;)).
      The good thing is that tinnitus is not necessarily progressive. Since most people (70-80%) dont even visit the doctor with it probably it doesnt get louder than often. Dont read horror stories too much. I remember getting rosacea and reading stories about how it will get worse and destroy your skin in 5 years. 4 years later my skin looks just like it did before. So dont worry:) Life is so unpredictable anyway and tinnitus is not the worst thing that could happen to you.
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      Stina is right.
      In addition, try my trick ...
      When you find yourself "judging" the volume of your tinnitus, instead, judge your response to it. I say to myself, "Hmm, it's getting on my nerves today," or "I'm a little less concerned today when I heard it as I was driving." Constantly measure your response. Because you are taking action and this moves it to another part of your brain. And you may be surprised very soon that you only noticed your response, say, 3 times in one day.
      Notice your response. Don't notice the sound. When you notice the sound, shift your thoughts to your response.
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      May be this is due to deficiency of:
      1. Vit B12
      2. Vit D
      3. Serum Iron
      Carry our appropriate tests to evaluate the above. in my case all these parameters were low, particularly Iron was low, i started taking iron suppliments advised by the doctor, i am feeling much better now. if it works for u please share with as many sufferers as possible and to me also.
      also check if u have any allergy, and treat it.

      Best Wishes. :) Ajay

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