I Made It to Med School — If I Could Beat Tinnitus and Be Happy Again, I Can Do Anything!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Apocalypse77, Aug 9, 2022.

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      Hi everyone,

      I was a very active user a few years ago on Tinnitus Talk. Nowadays I still visit it from time to time and try to support those who felt the same as me when they got tinnitus in the first place.

      This year I finally got in med school and will be starting my studies after the summer. I'm really excited.

      I'm really proud of myself. Looking back, the first two years with tinnitus were really bad for me and I can say those were the worst years of my life. But they were not all that bad - I feel like they made me really strong. If I could beat tinnitus and be happy again, I can do anything!

      Thank you for this whole community, the journey would have been much harder without you all ❤
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    2. Michael Leigh

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      Hi @Apocalypse77.

      I am pleased for you and wish you every success at medical school. If you don't mind, I want to give you some advice and hope you follow it. Your tinnitus may be very low now and you have habituated which is splendid news. Please don't forget it was noise induced and this means it can get worse under certain conditions if you are not careful.

      If you are exposed to overly loud sounds, particularly listening to music at clubs or concerts, even when wearing hearing protection, there is a risk of making the tinnitus worse. Similarly, if you listen to audio through any type of headphones, including earbuds, headsets, AirPods, noise cancelling and bone conduction headphones, there is a risk of the tinnitus becoming worse even when audio is played at low volume. This may not be noticeable at first but the tinnitus can suddenly return with a vengeance or gradually get worse and possibly change into variable tinnitus.

      Please read my post in the link below that you might find helpful.

      Take care,

      Can I Habituate to Variable Tinnitus? | Tinnitus Talk Support Forum
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    3. Nemoriri

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      Noise induced
      You can be so proud of yourself! I find you very inspiring. I relate to your story with spikes and worries concerning that and how to go about normal life and work. Good work on your path. Wish you all the best moving forward! :)
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