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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Louanth, Feb 24, 2017.

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      Tinnitus is driving me crazy. Although I do have some hearing loss in both ears, I can cope with that. What I cannot cope with is the constant high pitched noise. It just never stops. Worst is at night, I have hubby snoring next to me and this loud noise from the tinnitus. Sleep depravation I find difficult to cope with. I have been offered a hearing aid that will reduce the tinnitus and improve my hearing.

      I would be crazy to turn down the offer, to get a decent nights sleep is all I have been dreaming off. I get this hearing aid towards the end of March, it is for the left ear, if this brings relief, I want one for the other ear as well. My Tinnitus is louder than the TV noise when hubby listens to the rugby. I am surprised that no-else can hear it. I reached a stage where I just had to find some relief. I cannot wait to try this hearing aid.

      I will keep you posted.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Surely hope the hearing aids will work to reduce your T. Have you tried these things to help you sleep?
      1) Taking anything for sleep, such as Melatonin or doctor's prescribed drugs?
      2) Trying to mask T during sleep by natural soothing sounds such as a sound machine or sound pillow? If your husband is bothered by the masking sounds, will he use earplugs just so you don't have to wear earphones which some members think can trigger or aggravate T?
      3) Is it possible he will agree to have you or him sleep in a different room if item 2) is not workable so you can sleep with sounds around you (not using headphones or earbugs)?
      4) Does your husband understand the severity of your T and your struggle with sleep deprivation which is bad for T? If he doesn't then perhaps ask him to read up on this forum so he will realize the struggle is real and that he will be more accommodating.
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      @Louanth So sucks that you are having to deal with this. But I am glad you are here! This is a good place! Great support, understanding and resources. I have gnarly T! And I hate it. But I have decided to own it instead of it owning me! It's hard and I don't always win the battle, but I am winning the war! BTW my wife snores gnarly (dont't tell her I said that :)). Get your SLEEP on girl!! Mask, exercise and get naturally tired, meds if you need to, whatever it takes to get sleep!! Sleep is EVERYTHING!!

      Rest and Peace to you!!!

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