I Think Bad Posture Has Brought It On...

Discussion in 'Support' started by needtostop, Feb 29, 2016.

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      Hi, I started to get this ringing in my ear about 3 weeks ago now. Have been on here and we have discussed it a lot.

      However, after readng loads on it I think bad posture has brought it on.

      My back has been a little tight around the last 3/5 weeks, sitting doing work ona sofa, and leaning over to the coputer not good!

      I know I have not been to any raves or gigs or anything for a while.

      I seriously think it's a few things, maybe my matress, sitting on a sofa and not sitting properly doing work on a laptop, possibly some gym stuff with lifting weights etc.

      I read it could be nerve twitching.

      Here's my question, if I get this seen to, see a back specialist or simialr, can the T go?

      I am seeing a women tomorrow night who does Indian Head massages and chinese actupuncture so hoping this is goin to start the healing.

      Is it too late?

      My T can come and go, sometimes i dont hear it, sometimes I can , in a quoet room like now I can hear it, sometimes I can't.
      At night I put on water flowing music, in the day outside I deffo can't hear it.

      So if I sort my back out will it go?

      Any other tips on healing back looking after it?
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      Meniere's Disease
      Your tinnitus has every chance in going away as it's early days.
      See how you get on with your planed treatments and keep us posted how you get on....lots of love glynis
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      Get an audiological evaluation.
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      Listening to in-ear headphones & playing in a band
      We are surrounded by noises everyday that aren't meant for the the delicate nature of our hearing system. Gyms are filled with noise as there's usually music playing, or you're listening to music, and there are weights clanging. All I have to say is that we underestimate the power of sound waves in this world. It does more hidden damage than realized.
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      Hi I did, and the women was 100 times more helpful than my doctor, who referred me 26 days NHS apt.

      My ear with no ringing was fine, T ear was ok except dipped below 20 on the low notes, though I feel the T was masking it.

      She said all looks healthy, no obviosu signs of infection bu there's only so much she could do. NHS apt on 11tMarch.

      Yeah in the Gym now I wear ear phones but with no music till I get some proper ear plugs.

      Listen to music at home but on low.

      I seriously think it's my back that's been doing it. I have a women coming tomorrow to do some indian head massage and other types of stuff. My back just feels tight.

      Here's hoping.

      There is one plus side (though I still want my T to go), the plus side is now that I have been listening to running streams music sounds, I have been dreaming crazy deep, hopefully some astral projection is nexy :)

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