I Think I May Have Tinnitus But It's Rather Unusual

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jake15, Apr 2, 2015.

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      Hey guys i believe that i developed tinnitus overnight.
      i first noticed it yesterday morning in my right ear but it's really hard to explain what kind od ringing/buzzing it is.
      It's more in my head than my ears which makes it kinda worse(it's kinda traveling from head to ears and i can feel it)
      You know that static noise that comes from CRT(old fat)TV's when there's no signal(some people call it snow),that sound is what im hearing sometimes in my left ear,sometimes in my right.sometimes both but it's as i said more in my head than ears.It's really hard to explain.I can barely sleep and i think that it's getting worse.
      Yesterday when i was on my PC i couldn't hear static noise at all but now as i'm writing this i can and it's on the right side of my head.I woke up like 6 times during the night and i'm really scarred that it'll take over my life.
      Im only 16
      And i should probably say that i was never to a concert(i believe that the loud music only damages ears) and i stopped wearing headphones cca. 3 weeks ago so tinnitus really didn't have any logical reason to attack me,it just came overnight.The static noise isn't quite loud,i would even go as far and say that it's very very mild and yet loud enough to rob me of my sleep
      I also don't spend time in loud environments.
      If anyone knows what's going on please reply it would be very much appreciated :)
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      I forgot to say(don't know if it makes any difference)that i was recently sick(common cold)but when i have these colds it affects my ears in a way that they crackle a lot(whenever i swallow or cough)so it may be related to that(i still have a runny nose but mild)
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      Relax Jake. It could be temporary. You said you were sick. Hey, about a year ago my wife got off a flight and her ears were plugged. She's also sensitive to allergies. She had T for about two to three weeks and then it went away.

      Talk to your parents and discuss the possibility of seeing an doctor. But also be patient. Many people have episodes of temporary tinnitus.

      And believe me, you will be fine if it is permanent. My dad has had T since he was about 8. He's now 83. Not once during my childhood did he mention T. I only found out when I got mine at 46 from a gunshot and I was speaking with him about my difficulty in adjusting.

      Hang in there.
    4. AUTHOR

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      Thank you Mr.Pef xD
      i hope that it's temporary
      If it isn't temporary i too believe that i'll be okay since it isn't unbearably loud
      I can still hear up to 16KHz whereas my brother only up to 10Khz ^^
    5. Gooner55

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      Dude I have the exact same thing im 15 but only have in in my right ear

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