I Used to Think Everyone's Ears Rang!

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      Hi everyone,
      I'm 52, former project manager/systems analyst, mom of one daughter, photographer, living in Austin, TX. My mom and older sister also have T. Even though I put in my profile that mine started in 2010, the truth is I can't remember when my ears didn't ring. It has only become bothersome in the last five or so years. But I will never forget when my sister described a visit with her doctor and he asked her " How long have you had ringing in your ears?", and she asked if he meant other than the normal ringing that everyone has. When she told me how he told her not everyone's ears rang I remember being so surprised! I thought ringing in the ears was something everyone had to some degree too. I guess not! Anyway, I have no hearing loss. A couple years ago I visited an audiologist for the T and she tested my hearing. She also gave me a little self analysis quiz to see how T affects my quality of life. I was truly saddened to find out how debilitating it is for some people. I'm not there yet, but I guess I could be some day. My mom's is much worse than mine. My sister, however says hers has eased by taking Magnesium. I have been taking it now for at least two years and it hasn't helped. I have "tried" listening to notched music, but I just don't have the discipline to do it daily, so I don't know if it would help me yet or not. I've also tried acupuncture, nada, but I love it so I keep doing it! And my acupuncturist has suggested cranio-sacral therapy, which I may try next. I am worried it will only continue to get louder and that one day it may become intolerable. I hope not, and I'm here hoping to find other things to try. It's pretty annoying that so many people suffer with this and there don't seem to be many answers!

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