I Was Exposed to an Alarm...

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mario martz, Apr 6, 2017.

    1. Mario martz

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      Well tbh it was more of a beep from an alarm, I clicked a button and it made a very loud beep in the house...

      To be honest I don't think a second of a loud beep will cause damage or a spike...

      But what do you guys think?

      I also knew that by clicking that button it will make a loud sound... for a moment I forgot I had tinnitus.

      I hate/love getting used or habituating to tinnitus because I start to become more careless about sounds and protecting my ears....

      Do you think it will spike my t or make it worse?

    2. Kibakiru

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      It sounds like you were exposed only to a loud but short-lived noise. You should be fine. Your tinnitus may or may not spike a little (I doubt it. If it was going to spike, it would have done it by now; depending on how long ago the incident was) but it'll come back down. No reason to worry about it!
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    3. Sam Bridge

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      Loud music/gigs probably
      At work they test the alarms every week but it always catches me off guard. But its fine and it doesn't affect me.
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    4. Rubenslash

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      Won't do anything, really.. Anxiety is the problem in your case ;)
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    5. glynis

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      I'm Sure you will be fine so don't worry
      ..lots of love glynis
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    6. linearb

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      I think that spending time wondering about whether or not an alarm caused a spike is more likely to cause a spike than the alarm is.
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    7. El BUZZ

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      Hi @glynis.

      I always find your opinion of great value, so, in the line of the OP story here I tell you what happened to me recently:

      A few days ago one of those movement detectors at the entrance of a shop sounded several times next to me while people were coming through the door. That deeee daaaa[/I ]sound was ridiculously loud and high pitched. So much it bothered some other customers' ears. It sounded five or six times, I plugged my ears for some of them, and then I decided to leave the place. It was a painful sound. I've been on a LOUD and NASTY spike since then. I take sudden loud and high pitched sounds are the worst thing you can do to your ears.

      Do you think this could remain as a permanent worsened form of my tinnitus?


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