If a Tinnitus Sound Goes Away When You Plug Your Ears, Is It Actually Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Anthonyr, Sep 3, 2020.

    1. Anthonyr

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      Hi, weird question. But. I have a new noise at the moment. If I plug my ears though. It completely goes away. I notice it also seems to respond to certain other sounds.

      The tinnitus that I have had long-term is constantly there and does not improve if I plug my ears. Just makes it feel much louder in fact.

      Is there a term or name for this?
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    2. Kriszti

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      Is this a low frequency sound? This is considered tinnitus as well, but I'm sure that it has something physical to do with it. I had a low, washing machine with a hint of foghorn kinda sound 3 times in my life for 1-3 weeks, which stopped when I plugged my ear, covered my ear tightly or talk. Up until now it has always gone away, but I'm pretty sure that it'll come back in the future. Doctors weren't very keen on providing information about it, just got dismissed as regular tinnitus.

      Check out the "Weird MEM" thread or the thread dedicated to the low frequency tinnitus.
      Potential suspects are: MEM, some form of Meniere's, Hydrops, or something else...
    3. Kendra

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      SSNHL/ Acoustic Trauma
      It’s still tinnitus. I’m not sure if there is a specific different name for it though.
    4. Michael Leigh

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      Noise induced
      HI @Anthonyr

      I agree with the two members above that what you describe is still tinnitus. My advice is to stop plugging your ears, as it's possible to make your brain focus more on the tinnitus that you already have and other internal sounds throughout your body and amplify them and become permanently louder. This is the reason many Audiologists and Hearing Therapists advice tinnitus patients not to sleep in a quiet room and use low level sound enrichment.

      You have had tinnitus for quite a while. Although it reads on your Avatar cause of tinnitus unknown, this is rarely the case, as something usually causes it. The most common is exposure to loud noise. Hearing loss and an underlying medical problem within the auditory system can cause it too. If your tinnitus is noise induced, using headphones even at low volume can be responsible for developing a new sound. Using a headset or listening to loud music can do it too.

      If your tinnitus is caused by an underlying medical condition it would be a good idea to have some tests done at ENT.

      All the best
    5. Kirstystired

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      I have this and been told it is still tinnitus but I've been told mine is either stress or hormone related.

      It's low frequency too and stops when i put an earplug in my ear, talk etc. The consultant told me to use sound enrichment and avoid quiet rooms.

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    6. Jrblovsky

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      Gunfire. I think
      If you plug you ears and they do'nt ring, roar, or scream you my friend have no tinnitus. I would kill to be in your position.
    7. Laura Jean

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      I have been experiencing this also! Last several weeks my ‘usual’ low-buzz tinnitus has flared with very sharp high frequency tones interspersed on top. I’ve had this sometimes before over the years, but these are crazy louder now, to the point of keeping me from sleeping. I stick my thumb over my ear canal and press; and the sharp tones mute. Until of course I remove my thumb. I am wondering why the pressure seems to help?

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