I'm a Weird Case — Was That a Barotrauma?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gosia, Jun 7, 2016.

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      Hi all. Fewer than 72 hours ago I had my 6th flight since the onset. I know the protocol for flying. Half of my flights with T went very smoothly but the rest seemed to influence my ears in a way.
      before the onset I flied without caring about my ears. I even remember having flown sick and nothing ever happened to my ears. I can't remember having any pain either, let alone fullness in the ears etc.

      After the onset I was worried sick of flying for the first time cause I couldn't feel my right ET pop when I did the valsalva trick. The left one however always pops easily. This has never changed. The last time I flew I had the earplanes too. I didn't put any spray in my nose cause it seemed to be perfectly clear ( I check it by breathing through the nose only - each nostril separately ), I wasn't sick either or anything like that.

      I considered that in this case it's useless to treat the delicate cells in the nose ( which once damaged don't regenerate either - just read about people with the syndrom of the empty nose - horrible ) with a spray.

      I had a place at the front of the plane , earplanes , regular earplugs for the cruise and chewing gums. While descending I could feel the pressure changing, of course, but my ears seemed to pop and yet, I felt pain in the left ear.. I can't tell whether it was the inner ear - I surely felt it in the ear canal and .. the earlobe :/

      Now I really wonder - WHAT WAS THAT ? Could that have been a barotrauma ? Why left ear , if anything, not right if it's the right tube that seems to open with difficulty ( my right ear did perfectly fine ,popped, no pain ) and what caused it ? Earplanes ? ( finally it seems that they a) don't do their job b) i was better without them ) and what does it depend on given that I flew 6 times and felt pain 3 Times ... ( the descent wasn't very sudden, rather smooth, gradual ) . since sometimes it happens and sometimes not, leaves me even more confused..

      Can a tube be swollen even though I could feel no congestion and my ear popped ? my T seemed a bit louder afterwards, of course, but since it's always very reactive I can't tell if that flight worsened anything . I mostly don't know if that was anything dangerous or normal ? i read that a barotrauma may occur even without any pain..and I felt the pain even though the ears popped. I know I can ask a doctor but I can't just go to an ent right away and mostly I know some of you have such experience that you may know better than a doc.

      I read the general topic about flying but I don't rememeber a similar case..( sorry for mistakes but my comp is such a mess I can't even correct them .. )

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