I'm Drew from the UK — Tinnitus After a Brain Bleed

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Drewsky, Apr 5, 2022.

    1. Drewsky

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      Brain Bleed
      I'm Drew from the UK. I've experienced tinnitus since 2012 after I had a brain bleed. I'm not sure if that's what caused it or if it was simply a coincidence.

      It's gotten louder and louder, a constant high pitch tone... sometimes ringing, even melodies. It's really started to make day to day life miserable with as loud as it's gotten.

      Sleep, resting is a nightmare now. I'm really hoping I can get some advice or perhaps coping techniques for me to be able to live with terrible affliction, or even help others who suffer.

      Many Warm Blessings to you all.

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    2. Michael Leigh

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      Noise induced
      Hi @Drewsky,

      Many things can cause tinnitus. If it is was caused by the brain bleed it's probably a good idea to talk to your GP about it and it's likely you will be referred to ENT. My advice is not to seek private treatment as you will get the best help and long term aftercare for tinnitus under the NHS that no private practice can match in the UK, that I assure you.

      I have been a tinnitus out-patient under the NHS for 25 years and had very good treatment at the hospital I attend. On Friday I will be seeing my audiologist for hearing test and new white noise generators.

      As I've said many things can cause tinnitus but the most common cause is exposure to loud noise. Typically, it is listening to audio at too high a volume through headphones, earbuds, AirPods and headsets without realizing it. Exposure to other types of loud noise can cause it too. If you are a regular user of headphones, earbuds or headset. Work in a noise environment or shoot a gun for sport then it's likely this is the reason your tinnitus has increased.

      Please click on the links below and read my posts: New to Tinnitus, What to Do? Tinnitus, A Personal View. They contain advice and suggestions to help you manage the tinnitus better. It's a good idea to avoid being in quiet rooms and surroundings, as this allows the brain to focus more on the tinnitus. Using low level sound enrichment particularly at night can be helpful. More about this is explained in the links.

      My advice is not to listen audio through any type of headphones even at low volume.

      Make an appointment to see your GP.

      All the best,

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    3. AUTHOR

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      Brain Bleed
      Thanks SO much for your reply.

      I am under a pain management team, due to side effects of my Brain Bleed and having the condition Chiari Malformation. I've read hundreds of studies now relating tinnitus to brain conditions. I'm heading for a hearing test later this month to see if they can pin point anything. Living with this 24/7, 365 days is soul destroying.

      I hope I get some help and answers as I really can't keep living this way.
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    4. Daniel Lion

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      Noise trauma, hearing loss
      Hello @Drewsky,

      This shit is really hard. I just wanted to welcome you and send you some understanding, compassion and love. I hope you can find a few tips here to help you cope, I know it is rough as hell.

      Some people find breath work helps them a lot, I not very good at it. Are you able to exercise with your condition? Drugs help other folks too.

      Fellow members and their understanding has really helped me. The 24/7 noise is a hell of a burden we live with.

      I wish I had more to give you buddy, praying you get some relief.

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