I'm Not Deaf but I Need You to Look at Me so I Know You're Talking to Me

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      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Operation on my ear resulted in tinnitus.
      Hi, I'm G Man
      I'm 52, had T since 1992.

      What can I say er 'Positive' about T, ha ha, I can concentrate at work on the computer for long periods by zoning into the ringing, it took years of practise though. This is at the expense of everyone else in the office, as I do not hear the banter or my name being called, and yes I am used to the constant jokes, everybody accepts it now, although they forget daily.

      I think the ringing started after an operation on my inner ear, due to a football being kicked at high speed into my ear, during a football match, damaging the nerves.

      Annoyance level:
      When its good 5/10 when its bad, 200/10 (Really!! Aeroplanes flying over my home all night, seems to affect both ears and whizzes around in a constant circle)


      Sometimes when I sneeze I get stereophonic hearing, whooaaa, thats scary, even though evidently this is quite normal. (But it does make me think maybe there is a cure?)

      What have I tried, nothing as all the Doctors recommended was a device to counter act the noise during the day, but at night it had to be removed so I passed on that idea.

      Social Life:
      This is probably my biggest concern and why I would like a cure, people are not patient with T sufferers because they do not understand, there is a hive of bees buzzing around inside our heads, affecting the small talk 'sweet nothings' whispered in a tender moment, which I'm sorry I cannot HEAR!
      They say Van Gough had T, I'm glad of his story because without that knowledge I might have one ear now!

      Can you live with T
      Yes of course you can, I have since 1992 :)
      I still play football, love photography, and have three grown up son's, who think I'm deaf, because the TV volume is slightly high.lol (Funny though I'm 'Cool' in the car when the stereos loud)

      Fellow T's
      Its interesting to find a site dedicated to T sufferers, where likewise individuals counter the same daily issues, some long term and some relatively new, but all in silence to the outside world.

      Thank you all in advance, I will be tuning in and trying a few remedies..
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