In Treatment for TMJ, Woke Up Today with Some Relief.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Weswhat, Jan 13, 2016.

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      Hey everyone. I have TMJ as well as tinnitus going on 4 years now.
      Just started treatment for TMJ 2 months & 1 day ago.
      Today I woke up & my T is about half the volume as it normally is. Its very bearable now.
      Just wanted to let those know who have jaw problems like me ( jaw pain, popping, clicking, ear muscle spasms, TTTS, etc) might be worth while to see a TMJ specialist.
      My TMJ is 'mild' so my treatment just includes braces & a dental mouthguard for those who are curious.

      Ill be keeping this thread updated as I continue treatment.
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      Meniere's Disease
      @Weswhat ,
      Great you are having treatment for TMJ and hope your tinnitus keeps on improving ..lots of love glynis
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      Hi! You haven't posted anything in a few months. I'm wondering how your TMJ treatment is going. I've had TMJD and tinnitus for the past couple months and I've already seen my dentist and a TMJ specialists whom both said my tinnitus is coming from the TMJD. I'll be starting treatment soon and I want to know if your tinnitus has resolved or decreased by a lot!

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