Inspire or Be Inspired — Inspiration Can Lead to Strength and Wins with Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by fishbone, Jun 14, 2022.

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      I wanted to write this post because I know all of us need motivation, we need uplifting. Even I need it, I seek it myself on a daily basis. As I said in my other post, life is not a straight line. It is a zig zag, it is up and down, left and right. Success in life (in whatever you aim for) is not a straight line.

      Life itself can be difficult, I remember (before tinnitus came along) how it was tough doing some things. Being motivated to finish stuff (it was not easy for me) and I would just not do it. I might have taken some stuff for granted (I did, we all have) and then tinnitus came into the scene. It was as mild as it could get, but I was not expecting it. In those days, when it was very mild (only heard in a quiet room), I was having a hard time.

      As a youth I always believed in having inspiration or someone that I could look up to. I learned early on, that people can inspire us and maybe even become a hero or a mentor to us. When I got tinnitus, I had to find someone that could inspire me. Someone that could be my guide (when I was lost) and inspire me to take on my new challenge.

      I found this unlikely hero in my audiologist. I never let him know, but I admired how he answered my questions and helped me understand what it was that I was dealing with.

      Because I was curious and very driven I would keep asking him questions. I wanted to learn as much as I could about tinnitus. I never got tired of wanting to learn and wanting to face my tinnitus. Early on my hero taught me to move forward, keep pushing forward.

      Dealing with tinnitus can be a struggle (I know this firsthand) and it can have its ups and downs. I have been through all the stages of tinnitus, I am dealing with beyond severe ringing, with multiple tones that vary in intensity and new ones that come and go.

      I have had tinnitus for over 34 years and it has been difficult. My ways of coping with life have been through inspiration. I look for inspiration and I try to help others to become inspired.

      The difficulty is there everyday, the ringing is beyond hell, but my love for life and what inspires me keeps me going. My love for the people that I can help (some of you wonderful people in this forum) keeps me going. My love for my puppy and his love for me keeps me going.

      My puppy inspires me everyday to be strong for him, he is like my child. Helping others and keeping them going inspires me everyday.

      Inspiration touches all of us, it comes from the heart. I still remember when I fed the less fortunate with loud tinnitus. It gave me such inspiration, to find strength to serve those people, while my ears were in hell.

      All of us in life can either be inspired or inspire others.

      We can look in the mirror and be inspired. Living with tinnitus and moving forward every single day is inspiration. Reading what @Greg Sacramento writes can lead to inspiration, reading what @billie48 writes can lead to inspiration.

      We can be inspired by people that overcame their adversities. It is never easy, it takes motivation, drive, discipline to keep going.

      When I used to help the elder folks in the gym, it was a dream for me. I was helping others while my ears were screaming at me.

      Inspiration can lead to strength. Strength can lead to another small win with our tinnitus. That small win can eventually lead to a huge accomplishment.

      I am one with all of you in this forum. My days are not easy, but my heart and my inspiration are always telling me to keep moving forward, keep pushing forward!

      Be the inspiration to yourself or to someone that looks up to you!
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      Nice to see you on the forum @fishbone, and hope you are keeping well.

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      An exquisite distillation of wisdom!
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