Intermittent Ringing, OK 1 for Day, Ringing the Next

Discussion in 'Support' started by jon w, Sep 10, 2015.

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      my right ear has been getting tinnitus occasionally for 2more than a year. But now its getting worse like every other day. It will clear itself somedays, then next day it will come back. I can only suspect that the middle ear has wax build up, that wont come out. Im pretty sure its not the outer ear that has wax. Ive been trying to treat it with gingko biloba, but its not very effective. I do have one important question or observation, I always get the tinnitus after a nights sleep. It seems also that when sleeping more on my left side, that I have more trouble. If is stayed on my feet forever when my ear is clear, then you'd think it would never give me a problem. why would this be? thanks jon w
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      Hi Jon,
      Tinnitus for lots of people comes and goes on and off through out the week and is a normal tinnitus pattern.
      After a night sleep tinnitus seems louder until natural sounds of the day take over in helping mask the tinnitus and keeping busy so you dont notice it.
      As we settle down for the evening we might notice it more or during spikes.....lots of love glynis

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