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Discussion in 'Support' started by Heather M, May 18, 2016.

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      Either inner ear infection or airplane ride
      I got a copy of my hearing test done back in December of 2015. I have a question about this line: "Results, AD, demonstrated a mild SNHL through 3000Hz, rising to normal hearing sensitivity through the rest of the audiometric frequency spectrum." Does this mean my tinnitus tone is 3000Hz?
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      Noise exposure
      How great was the hearing loss?
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      A possible trick you can do is turn the volume all the way down on your computer and plug in headphones. Use the frequency generator here:

      Once you put on the headphones with no volume, set the frequency to 3khz and slowly turn up the volume to you get to a certain level that is somewhat a little louder than your T but only if it is a safe level. Let it run for maybe 30 seconds and then take the headphones off and see if the tinnitus goes away. That is known as residual inhibition. If it works, there is a good chance that is your tinnitus frequency.

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