Interview with Roland Schaette

Discussion in 'Research News' started by joe, Feb 22, 2012.

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      Come on lets make the Break

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      thanks for hooking us up with another very interesting video

      looks like there are at least two ways of getting tinnitus central and or peripheral
      its so interesting that there are people with hearing loss who dont perceive tinnitus and other people with no measurable hearing loss who experience tinnitus

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      Interesting. Sounds to me that tinnitus is essentially a form of feedback in the nervous system.
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      Joe -
      Go Brits! Dr. Roland Schaette has a very logical approach to his research. He just might have this thing figured out in the near future. I like it.

      Basically: Hearing loss occurs -> the brain overcompensates for the lost signal -> causing a tinnitus electrical circuit (involving the brain stem?). As an engineer, I'm beginning to finally "get it" if I can view it as a circuit schematic. Just missing a few pieces to the puzzle that don't make sense yet.

      Dr. Schaette doesn't mention the idea of an electrical feedback loop. Seems quite possible that the human brain would have electrical feedback if it amplifies it's own internal signal. Something like: An internally created sound (input) is "listened to" (output), then by fault of wiring the output is placed into the input again. Feedback.

      Dr. Schaette goes on to say that once they understand this process, the next step will be to intervene and disrupt the circuit, using either surgically or with medicine.

      How much is a plane ticket from Chicago to London?
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      ".....hearing your brain work." Wow!

      Great video Joe! This resonates with me. Makes sense.

      That's kind of what I sense with the pulsing to my heartbeat.

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