Is an "Air Test" a Typical Kind of Audiogram?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mystery Reader, Dec 16, 2021.

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      Hey, folks!

      Hope you are all doing well!

      I had my regular ENT follow up last week. Usually, when it’s time for the audiogram, I’m in the booth with the audiologist on the other side, doing the test. This time, it was just me and this little computer type of thing. The screen said “Air Test” and was set at 55 dB. (There were three settings at the bottom, going up to 85 dB.)

      It was a self-administered test, using different touch screen buttons to advance through, and took about 15 minutes or so. It was done using headphones.

      The term “Air Test” was new to me. I usually have the kind with earphones and an audiologist controlling everything on the other side of the booth. (I don’t know; maybe that’s called an “Air Test.”)

      Is an “Air Test” a typical kind of audiogram? I’m curious as to whether I had a regular test, or something different. I had some fullness right after the test, and possibly a bit of a spike; I had taken 600 mg NAC before the appointment, and took 600 mg afterward. Things still feel a little “off,” but it’s hard to tell sometimes if anxiety is playing a part. (It quite often does, in my case.)

      Has anyone else ever taken a similar, self-guided audiogram like this? Is 55 dB considered a typical starting point for this kind of audiogram, or does it seem on the high side? I don’t think the test went any higher than that, but with sound sensitivity, it was startling.

      As always, thanks to the moderators for this forum, and to anyone who has any input on this. Hope you are all doing well!

      Mystery Reader

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