Is Anybody Familiar With... (Ears Ringing Loudly After Being Kissed on the Cheek)

Discussion in 'Support' started by orwello, Apr 14, 2016.

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      loud music - possibly
      I have been suffering from tinnitus since 1994. Ears were always sensitive, but I spent one too many nights out at loud clubs and my ears would ring. One night / morning after they never stopped.
      However, I remember something from my childhood that my sister used to do - that she did today.
      She would kiss me really loudly (high pitched) on my cheek (calling it a clickety click kiss) and it would set off a ringing in the ear closest to the cheek she kissed. She did it today and it caused the same ringing - louder than my regular tinnitus.
      It started me wondering a couple of things:
      Could those childhood kisses that were relatively regular causing regular ringing in both of my ears been a contributory factor to my tinnitus etc?
      How come I can't find any mention anywhere (apart from one comment here by RichL in another thread ("No way a kiss close to your ears would have damaged it unless that person was being stupid and made a kissing noise ten times louder than usual.") of this happening and there isn't a name for it.
      Surely I'm not the only person on the planet who has noticed their ears ringing loudly after being kissed loudly on the cheek?

      I do know about the kiss of death. However, its my understanding this has to be applied directly to the ear and that suction is part of the issue. This loud cheek kiss is purely a noise / pitch issue.

      Sorry about the length of this post. Please help or direct me if anybody finds reference to this strangely unusual circumstance. Thanks :)
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      Noise exposure
      It happened to me!My girlfriend was kissing me goodbye and kissed me on the cheek near my ear quite loudly,it stabbed my ear and it hurt and my T went up slightly for a few days with ear pain before eventually settling.I actually blame it for the worsening of my Hyperacusis!.I kissed her in the same place a few times,you don't mean to do it it just happens but her ear rang once after me doing it.I don't know why this affects the ear so much,the loudest kiss she could do only registered at 80db on my decibel meter(yes I'm that anal)
    3. AUTHOR

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      loud music - possibly
      Interesting. Funny that you measured the loudness Thats the same level as garbage disposal - so I read. You know the loudness is only a part of it, its the pitch that seems to cause it. I can take 80db in my normal life without any reaction.
      I know my sister does it deliberately because she likes the sound of doing it and up until a few years ago I never even connected it with my T, although I have told her a couple of times not to do it.
      I wonder how many children, who would surely have had sensitive ears while growing up, experienced this and possibly contributed towards T. Its even possible that people with T don't remember this happening in childhood.

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