Is "Insert Drug Name Here" Safe to Take?

Discussion in 'Support' started by dan, Jan 3, 2015.

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      In another thread Dr.Nagler stated his opinion:
      Sure, [a drug] might aggravate tinnitus in x % of cases. The only way to know if it's going to aggravate your tinnitus is to take the drug and see. Maybe it will kick your tinnitus up a notch (or two or three); maybe it won't. Maybe your tinnitus will be a little louder, but the relief you get from the drug is worth it. If not, then stop the drug ... and within a week or two your tinnitus should settle back down. If it doesn't, then the problem wasn't the Voltarol in the first place!

      I must say I respectfully disagree with that statement. Maybe your tinnitus will be a little louder or maybe it will be a lot louder...If it doesn't settle within a week then you're stuck with worsened tinnitus and if it doesn't subside then really, most likely it was the drug that caused the increase. I mean look what happened to poor Telis.
      Well that's my personal opinion.

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      I agree @dan , I have had the dishonor of increased T after a procedure but it could have easily been a drug scenario and believe me it ain't worth it, not one iota!

      When the day comes that I have to take prescription drugs of any sort, I will be shitting myself that they intensify my T even more!

      IMO, I don't think a Doctor should have such a seemingly 'couldn't care less' attitude towards something like this!
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    3. I who love music

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      What if a temporary prescription causes a permanent T increase? That's the question, isn't it. Personally, Big Yes.
      I USED to treat migraines with aspirin, ergotomines, barbitruates, Tylenol 3 and Fiorecet, Vicodin too. Used too.

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