Is it coming from my ears or from my head?

Discussion in 'Support' started by luckyman316, Jun 17, 2014.

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      How can one tell? I'm starting to think it's not coming from my ears but rather, my head. If it's coming from my head, naturally I am worried it might be something in the head or something that happened and never healed right.
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      So far no one knows where it comes from.if you have some hearing loss than its suppozed to come from your ears but that's a guessing also ,because there are a lot of ppl with hearing loss but no T .
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      there's nothing abnormal about a head tinnitus vs an ear tinnitus, neurons are misfiring, creating all kind of noise 'heard" either deep in our ears or even deeper(our brains).

      Something very alarming would be to hear our tinnitus in our feet...
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      not sure
      Whether it comes from the ears or the head does not really matter. The ultimate zone of sensation is the head. The original damage may be at the ears, but since the head perceives that the ears are hearing this ringing sound while there is actually no sound wave travelling through air, it is all just the nerves/neurons doing their thing to create this phantom sensation.
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