Is There Anybody on This Forum Whose Tinnitus Went Away?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Matthew Perrotta, Feb 25, 2016.

    1. Matthew Perrotta

      Matthew Perrotta Member

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      I would like to know because I am a strong believer it will go away and I'd like to know what happens to people who said it went away
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    2. Sound Wave

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      Probably headphones
      Probably not. Most people who are here are new T sufferers seeking for help and comfort. Vast majority of people with T carry on with their lives and are not here either.
    3. Coregame3

      Coregame3 Member

      Los Angeles
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    4. AUTHOR
      Matthew Perrotta

      Matthew Perrotta Member

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      Ah. Ok, I've only had it for 2 months and I'm only 14 so I was just wondering
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    5. Lovely_wayss

      Lovely_wayss Member

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      Loud music
      I wish I saw more success stories... I'm 17 and really starting to give up hope that I'll ever be normal again. :(
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    6. Owen

      Owen Member

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      Unclear. Inflammatory allergic reaction/AIED
      Mine used to be constant, but over the past few months I have longer and longer periods without it. I have had tinnitus in ever changing forms for 20 months and I still think that one day mine will eventually go, or at least be quiet enough that I will almost never notice it. I enjoyed total silence twice this morning for 15 and 5 minutes.

      Having said that, my tinnitus didn't start like anyone else I have ever encountered, nor is the suspected cause very common. As I've said to other people though, I don't think it does any harm to hope that it will go away, but at the same time, you need to continue to live your life with it.
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    7. PatrickG

      PatrickG Member Benefactor

      Stockholm, Sweden
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      Punch/kick to the right ear
      I had T on my right ear for 2,5 weeks and it disappeared completely 100%. Then one month later I got hit on the same ear and got it again and now it's been 4 months since onset. Feels like it's here to stay this time.
    8. seal

      seal Member Benefactor

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      acoustic trauma
      I'd say that after a certain amount of time it is pretty unlikely that Tinnitus will disappear. In early stages it certainly can go away but most of of the people who had it for a few months to years will have it forever. It can certainly get better and you can learn to ignore it but it doesn't go away. Of course there a exceptions for everything.
    9. Pilot

      Pilot Member Benefactor

      Baltimore, MD
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      December, 2014
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      Mine is similar to Owen. I started having tiny improvements a few weeks after onset, the improvements were more frequent early on, but I still notice small improvements now, just less frequent. By improvement I mean quieter or not hearing it at all. I also have a very rare type of tinnitus and normal hearing, I have pulsatile T of neurological origin that is extremely somatosensory. Overall I would say mine is 85% better after 14 months, but I still have brief setbacks once in a while.
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    10. bill 112

      bill 112 Member

      Republic Of Ireland
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      Noise exposure
      After I believe a year mine did completely go away,and I mean completely!But then of course I went somewhere noisy with earplugs that kept falling out and the next morning it had returned and it stayed this time.Bummer.
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    11. Cheza

      Cheza Member Benefactor

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      Barking dogs/stress
      You don't mention if your tinnitus is mild, moderate or severe, or how intrusive it is. If it's mild, there's a good chance it will go away, meaning it will fade so far into the background you'll never notice it.

      If it's moderate or severe, try the Back to Silence method recommended by @I who love music. The tinnitus doesn't actually "go away"; if you listen for it you can hear it, but otherwise it isn't noticeable at all. Works for some people, not for others. AFAIC, if I didn't hear my T, I wouldn't care if it still existed. It's like an obnoxious neighbor, if you never see them or hear them, it doesn't matter if they live next door.
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    12. AlexSongitus

      AlexSongitus Member Benefactor

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      Noise induced
      If you are only 14 you have a good chance that at least one day it will go away or there will be treatment for it. Some people have reported theirs went away even after 1 year. Keep your awesome attitude. Unfortunately those that got lucky and don't have it anymore are probably not around here to talk about it. You could look for people that had it at one point on the forum and never came back. That's usually a sign that at least they are not bothered about it enough to bother posting about it anymore.
    13. Thericker

      Thericker Member

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      Yes. Had it for four months in 2010. Horrible, just disappeared one day.

      Got a very minor case again recently for 2 months after listening to headphones but luckily it went away again.

      Going to take every precaution necessary to make sure there is no strike 3.
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    14. Mr Registered User

      Mr Registered User Member

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      Good point. I spent a fair bit of time on here when mine started, but since it faded a lot, and I got used to it somewhat, I've almost forgot about this place. So yeah, there could be people out there whose tinnitus has gone, who forgot about forums years ago.
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    15. SeekIngAlpha

      SeekIngAlpha Member

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      Thought mine did but was wrong. Its back.
    16. I who love music

      I who love music Member

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      mid seventies
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    17. Raphael7713

      Raphael7713 Member

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      14 january 2017
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      In my case I got it in january for the first time. It lasted for exactly 2 weeks. Then it went away for a month, then it came back for 3-5 days, then it went off again for 1-2 weeks before returning for some days. But I got it back on early may and it's still I hope it goes away again.

      In my case I don't know why it went or came back. Was it becasue of the pub? Something I ate/did?
    18. Bill Bauer
      No Mood

      Bill Bauer Member Hall of Fame

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      February, 2017
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      Acoustic Trauma
      My bet is that it's the result of that pub...

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