Is There Hope for Me? Need Encouragement

Discussion in 'Support' started by lanaturner21, Jan 7, 2016.

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      I'm 19 and this February will be my 4 year mark with tinnitus. It started after a trip to the Bahamas where I was snorkeling almost daily and sleeping with the kind of earplugs you get for cheap from the drugstore (Idk if this is relevant). Usually I only hear it in the silence, but when it's quiet the ringing overwhelms me. I always sleep with a fan on and cricket noises (turned down quietly, just need a little more background noise).

      I've only been to 2 concerts in my life between seventh and eighth grade. I was in my school band (flute) from fifth to seventh grade and we had a few concerts every year. I was listening to music with headphones from about sixth to ninth grade but mostly seventh-eigth grade and it was usually in the car. I generally had the noise 25%-50% but sometimes up to 75%. I've worked as a hostess twice (for under two years total) and that was only pretty loud when the bar was full. I don't take any medicines. Other than that I've been on planes before and occasionally go to the movies (rarely since my tinnitus started). That's about it. I haven't used headphones since my T started and have been very cautious with sound (no clubs, concerts, etc.).

      I do have impacted wisdom teeth which is causing TMJ. I'm set to get them removed in the summer. I also have general anxiety that I don't take anything for. I live in FL so it doesn't get very cold. I went to the ENT about 6 months after it started and I have no noticeable hearing loss. The only thing I'm doing now is drinking 2 tsp ACV in water with honey. Probably won't do anything but who knows. Is there any hope that mine will ever go away? I like to think that because I'm fairly young my brain will heal itself but maybe that's too hopeful
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      loud music/chemotherapy/hypercalcemia
      I read somewhere that tinnitus can be a consequence when wisdom teeth are not being pulled. The teeth puts pressure on the nerves, which is causing the tinnitus. I'm not sure if removing the impacted teeth would clear the tinnitus. but there may be a chance. I hope atleast that's the case for you.

      Good luck.
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      After 4 years with tinnitus I very much doubt it is going away anywhere soon. I'm going on 5 years myself. The doctors told me since I was young (21 at the time) it had more chances to go away.

      Well sucks for me that they were wrong. It is also much more worse now (unmaskable now with many other frequencies) than it was as a result or trying to life my life normally according to those so called hearing experts.

      No hearing loss upto 16 khz now so I guess I've got that going for me.

      Anyways, even though my tinnitus is now worse I am still doing better than when I first got it. So in a sense I guess there is hope even if it isn't exactly what you would want.
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      Chances of it going away, slim.
      But since it is so mild as you only hear it when it's quite and it stayed for that you should focus on trying to learn how to relax when going to bed with it.

      Winding down before sleep with something you enjoy, drinking something warm etc. or natural supplements like valerian.

      I can sleep with super loud tinnitus without masking, but in my case its the days that get me since its so loud.
      If you only hear it in very quite environment then I would try to be friends with it and you will learn how to sleep with it without any worries or masking.
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