Is This Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mond, Nov 15, 2012.

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      Is this tinnitus?

      Hello, I have a weird problem.

      I have always had ringing in my ears, when in silent places but now I have a new problem.
      Sound causes my ears to ring louder than before, pulse and what feels like vibrating in the right ear. I can't use headphones anymore because they irritate my ears. I can't even listen to music, unless it is in small doses.
      I have been to the doctors and they said it was tinnitus.
      I had a hearing test done it the results were okay. Though I'm worried I might be causing damage to my ears somehow.

      Also I must note that I have holes and scars on both of my ear drums, which will be fixed one day. I have had them for awhile, but never had a problem like this. And sometimes when I lay on a ear it begins to pop and can last for ages, which is annoying.

      I'm confused and worried. I want to go back to the doctors but it is expensive and I will probably be told it is tinnitus again.

      Is it tinnitus or something else? And can sound cause tinnitus, if the sound isn't loud?
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      Not sure
      Any sound that you can hear that others can't is Tinnitus Mond - that's the definition of it. Unless you have exceptionally good hearing and the others around you are partially deaf.

      Many people believe that T can be caused by things other than loud noises. I've had it for over 7 months and yet I wasn't exposed to any loud noise.

      Did you see an ENT for the hearing test? Didn't they give you any advice - check your ears for infection / fluid etc?

      Tinnitus can cause the strangest sensations, like vibrations. Also your ears may well be more sensitive which can cause headphones to bug you.

      Perhaps it will settle down again but if it's really bothering you I'd go back and see a doctor again. Easy for me to say because I'm in the UK but don't you have health insurance that covers a doctor's visit?
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      Hi, thanks for the response.

      So sound can trigger tinnitus? My tinnitus seems to calm and then worsen, sound seems to be the trigger.

      My ears were cleaned and clear of any infection. I have health insurance but there is also a additional fee to pay at the check in.
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      You might have develop Hyperacusis as well which is why your T reacts to noise triggers often. Search Reactive Tinnitus as well.

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