Is your hearing completely balanced?

Discussion in 'Support' started by baddream, Feb 6, 2014.

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      If you use headphones and listen to music, is it in the center, panned to one side slightly or sound 'less' on one side? how normal is it? I remember 5 years ago when I'd always listen to headphones it would sound completely centred, no issues. Now it just sounds like the main vocal, and most other instruments are slightly panned to the left. Very frustrating, very hard to focus on the music. Anyone else?
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      Not sure if this is what you mean but I can only talk on the phone with my right ear. My left side sounds almost completely different.
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      My hearing seems balanced during day to day stuff, even though I have slight loss in my left ear at high frequency. Although, at night when I lie in bed I cant hear the clock or distant traffic sounds as well with my left ear, and the bzzzz of my T is a lot louder when I have my right ear on the pillow (ie I am listening using my 'worse' ear).

      I mainly feel unbalanced in that my ears have a different pressure feeling in them - but I think this is related to ETD.
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      For me it's balanced but i had the occasion to turn on a very old CRT TV (those with a big EEEEEE at 15625hz) and i noticed i almost don't hear this frequency in my left ear.

      Unfortunately i never had the occasion to turn one of these old tvs on in years so i can"t really say if it came with the T or if it's normal age hearing loss.

      i hear up to 17khz very faintly in both ears, after that nothing.
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