It Probably Won't Work For You But This Is How I Got Over It

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bryce Jones, Oct 4, 2015.

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    1. Bryce Jones

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      It was a bad dream. Ever increasing noise in my ear. Not outside sounds. Only people with T know how bad it can get. I had never had heard of it before I got it. I thought I had ear wax or something. Audiologist lamely explained T. She didn't help much. Her expensive hearing maskers were a waste of money. Fortunately we got it back.

      So how did I get better. Some of you will scoff, but this is how. Right now I have real loud noises in my ear.

      I don't really worry about it any more. Easy. Nope. A year long retreat from the world made my world a hissing nightmare. Not to be wished on my enemies.

      So here is what happened. I got another physical problem. I am still not over it but I now can see it might get better.

      The pain was a bad urinary problem due to cancer radiation.

      Whatever. At times, my pain was so bad that my T was irrelevant. After a week of not getting help from the doctor right away (relating to my pain) and after realizing there was no cure for T, I came to a startling revelation.

      My pain is what dominated my thoughts. My T suddenly was secondary. After several weeks later, my T was just as loud. But I care about that any more?

      Something other than T took its place. No, it was not good. It was pain.

      But now I can see the end of the pain. But the T is no longer a concern.

      I desperately want to enjoy life again---but it may be with T.

      So is there a takeaway for anyone else? You may need a pain though you may have one.
      You may have just something else to focus on. Do it a little at a time?
      I used music to block my T. But that just covered my problem up? I couldn't things and listen to
      music all the time. So what else can you focus on? Please you tell me!

      Many of you are desperate and willing to pay outrageous fees to people for quack cures. But maybe the key is listening to your T and telling it to go where the Sun don't shine.

      I am not good at explaining this. Maybe some of you can help. Maybe not.
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    2. billie48

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      I have heard of a similar story. A friend of mine who has passed away from cancer had once mentioned to me his struggle with T. He was in a lot of pain from an operation for his cancer which had somehow damaged his nerves which triggered bad pain. He had to take pills and pills of prescribed pain killers every 4 to 6 hours to suppress the pain. All the drugs from that and chemotherapy plus radiation treatment eventually triggered loud T. He was of course quite alarmed by this new and alien senstation initially. But he told me after a few hours, he realized he was in much more serious problem of pain & cancer and so his focus was back on that and T became a minor concern to him since.
    3. Bryce Jones

      Bryce Jones Member

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      Thanks for your remarks. Right now the wind is blowing in my ears. But I am going to a movie with two
      family members. I am a happy camper. The wind will blow me to my movie theater.
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    4. Bryce Jones

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      Again everyone is different. I talked about another health problem caused me subconsciously to forget paying attention to my T. You may say: how is that possible? The T is yelling in your ear. Yes, if the distraction is big enough, whether positive or negative, it is difficult to devote that much energy to two things at once.

      So my pain is not over, but it is more off and on. What has changed now is that my attitude has changed. For me (not for you) I realized that it is likely that I will have T for the rest of my life. I see a new drug has failed. Why am I not surprised.? So if you have another problem or you have something very positive (is it possible to have anything positive happen when you have T?) can you use that to refocus your thinking.

      So here is something very disturbing to understand. T literally does not happen outside your head. No one else hear your T and they never will. Your T is both literally and figuratively in your head.

      It was so far inside my head that I vowed I would never leave the house if I could help it. After a while, that got to be severely boring. After a while I lost contact with about everyone outside my family. Was I terminally ill?

      I realized that I would never get to take a vacation, that I would never go to baseball and football games again, the movies. Of course I had and have an excuse for all of that. I have an excuse today because my T is really loud.

      But after a while I didn't want that excuse. Severe boredom is no fun with T. Why? You focus even more on your rotten T and how it has ruined your life.

      I actually had 3 good T days in a row until yesterday. But today I woke up with it. Personally it is just a big wind my darn ears.

      And so will this help any of you? That is my question I asked myself. For the most of you, probably not. Maybe a few of you may stick their tongue out at the T and have some fun sometime. Listen you can fun of your T and get away with it. Can I tell you about the joke of the guy who has T? I would but wouldn't be funny to you.

      You have your T and I have mine. My T can't be that bad if I can get over it. But I was the mere shell of myself for over a year. My T is objectively loud. Admittedly today it is hard today to do super-deep thing with this racket. But could I go to a movie? Yep. I want to see this movie bad. I made a decision for today only. I am going to the movie and my T is getting in free.
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    5. billie48

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      I really like your attitude. The last sentence triggers a big laugh from me. What a nice line and good attitude to soften the blow of T. I often humanized T as a hungry baby waking me up with its loud scream and I would say, 'Hey T if you are like a hungry baby craving for milk in the middle of the night. But you dummy you find the wrong person. I have no milk for you. I am a guy. LOL'.
    6. Bryce Jones

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      Wow what a post.

      I just posted in someone thinking of ending it. I was there once, so I thought.

      Right now my ears in a din and I stick my tongue at it.

      Tomorrow I am going with my wife to see my grandkids. Imagine me out of the house.
      I don't have to pack my T. It is already there.

      How handy!

      My baby is crying tonight.
      But you know what. It is my baby.
      I am almost liking my T. I may make T my middle initial.

      Who wins today for you? What is strange is that you get to decide!

      Who will enjoy life today? Does T ever have fun. Not likely.

      Will my ears rattle worse tomorrow. It doesn't bother me that much. Why? because I win and my T loses.
    7. Bryce Jones

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      I am having a really bad T day today. When I wake up, my brain resets, my T changes.
      Today I am treated to my least favorite things LOUD INSECTS in my ear.
      So should I retreat today? I know I am going to have loud crap all day until my brain resets.
      Retreat, I having too much fun all of a sudden to retreat. Seriously, I ain't giving T
      any satisfaction in beating me.

      I make nasty gestures at it. I laugh at it. I sneer at it. But I WILL NEVER FEAR IT AGAIN..
      It may be a darn big noise, but it is my inner ear noise. I OWN IT.

      PS I get to do something cool today. At least for me. It has been almost two years since I have been
      on a train. Just for 2 hours. I am gonna have fun because my dad and I are gonna watch football
      Saturday, swap lies, and tell jokes.

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