It Was December 1st. It Was a Bad Night.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by nolybigoly, Dec 23, 2014.

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      It was a bad night.
      Hello folks,

      I am nolybigoly. It all started Dec. 1, 2014. I remember that day, it started out like a normal day, nothing weird, went to work no problems. I went home had dinner and decided to do my laundry. I finished late in the evening, almost midnight when I finished the laundry. I couldn't go to sleep, I was restless and I noticed my fingers and toes were tingling, and had the sensation of being pricked. It was difficult to fall asleep with these symptoms. Then around 3am. I heart a whooshing noise emanating from my left ear. I thought my house alarm went on. I checked my front door and it was okay. I realized that the sound was coming from my ears, more pronounce in the left ear. It scared me. It stopped after a about 30 minutes. and I didn't here it again until the following morning. The whooshing noise lasted for 20 minutes then stopped. Then I kinda went away for a week. Then after 7 days, I woke up with the ringing in my ears, now it's a combination of the whooshing and ringing in my ears. Now the sound seem central in my head. Some days are good, were It is very tolerable and other days it's pretty loud. It's even hard to mask with music or white noise. I have moments were I don't here it, It lasts a few hours. But when it flares up, OMG it is awful, I work in the Operating Room and I here it the ringing! It's been 22 days since it started, I'm a happy guy, very positive and a funny guy. The lack of sleep and the constant thinking about it has gotten me down a bit. I pray to God to give me peace. I have a lot of stress, but always know how to cope by exercising, praying, and talking to people.
      I hope these forum, helps me thru my tinnitus journey. I don't know where this is heading. From what I'm reading it can be temporary and can be permanent? Scary. I am working with my ENT and primary doc. We did bloodwork and an MRI of my head. And soon will take a ABR test. My hearing test came back normal. If the MRI and ABR come back normal, my audiologist will have some treatment to help me with my tinnitus. He just wants to rule out stuff. Hoping to make friends and find valuable information here. Peace to all.


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      Noise / Possible Medication
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      Hi noybigoly
      Welcome to TT. I haven't been here for quite a while. Firstly I would like to say do NOT despair. The best thing you have done for your T so far is coming to this forum.
      My T is LOUD, and I'm sure you have read many experiences of people here who have the same as me.
      Now, you WILL get better let me reassure you of that. By better I mean you will eventually habituate.
      The hard part is, well it was for me anyway, is the journey to habituation. BUT it is possible and most people get there. I thought I never would, but here I am today habituated. Sure only a running shower will drown it out, but it no longer bothers me. It is just there and doesn't worry me one single bit.
      The hardest part for me as is the case with many is the nights and sleeping. I had a terrible time with sleeping pills and the like. I used the sound of a babbling brook to help me get to sleep, and although it did mot mask the sound completely it did help me relax enough to get some sleep.
      Try and get a least one GOOD friend or relative to talk to. Tell them what you are feeling and although they will not totally understand, just talking will help. My beautiful wife had many a sleepless night reassuring and comforting me, it really helped a lot. That would be my number one piece of advice. That is why this forum is so good. I was able to talk to others who had T and who could understand.
      Sleep is go the utmost importance. Yes I had sleeping pills for a while but without them I think I would have gone mental. It is amazing how good you feel after a good sleep. In the early days my whole day was taken up with one thought. That tonight I can take a pill and the sound won't be there.
      But it does get better.
      I habituated in three months.
      Hang in there, talk to the nice people here on TT. They are a wealth of info and encouragement.
      I hope you start getting better soon.

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      Welcome nolybigoly, and great advice, Linds. I agree. Your T is so new. It may fade or disappear. Even if it stays, we can habituate to it given time. Don't panic and worry. Search out TT and its forums. The Support Forum will allow you to rant and seek advice from members at large. The Doctor's Corner will give you the chance to ask the doctors what to do with your situation. And the Success Stories forum are full of members' success stories, some go silent, some fading out, some habituating. If you read enough of them, you will get some insights on how to get better. You will feel hopeful and more confident about recovering from your T suffering. For new T sufferers, the 1st phase of T suffering is often traumatic and full of distorted thoughts about T and the future. Many of us have gone through the same tough struggle you are going through now. So we truly understand how you feel and have deep empathy for your sufferings. Be patient, lighten up and relax a bit. You can be well again. Take care.
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