It Was Gone for a Week and Has Now Come Back

Discussion in 'Support' started by tom1989, Dec 25, 2014.

    1. tom1989

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      It had gone for a week

      Went out for a brisk walk and it returned...

      Thanks, Santa!
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    2. Jesse Pinkman

      Jesse Pinkman Member

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      Someone has been a bad boy this year.

      Okay, more serious. Tough luck man. However, I think its a good sign it went away. That means your brain is able to block it out somehow.
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    3. Kopesy

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      I'll never know
      Yeah mine went away for about 8 days a few months back (oh it seems so long ago)
      Like Jesse says, keep it a positive o/
    4. Asian

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      4 weeks
      Good sign! It probably means your ears are still able to function normally and your auditory system can return to normal. Better days ahead for you!
    5. Paul201

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      That's just teasing, giving you an insight into your previous life than taking it away, cruel t but on a better note im sure it must be a good sign, its got to be
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