It's Been a Rough Day, Your Knowledge Is Very Welcome :)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mario martz, Oct 28, 2016.

    1. Mario martz

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      in my previous post i reported that i had a very delightful month
      of no T (i had to cover my ears to listen for it)

      right now my T is kinda bothering, its been almost a week, since the high pitched t has make a wonderful (sarcasm) return, but its not super loud.

      but i dont know overrall i feel very tense and unhealthy :/

      My head hurts, i feel like i might have a my BP a little bit up.

      my ear feels a little full or idk how to descibe that feeling.
      i dont know if ive been losing hearing or im just paranoid, or maybe i have muffled hearing (i know i need to get a second audiogram, but i havent been able to go to the ENT becuase im struggling with money since i had to fix my iphone and pay some bills :( , being an adult sucks) i cant tell there is something weird on my hearing and i didnt have that kind of problem before.

      since my ETN suspects i might have hydrops... well it could be a possibility.
      i just hope i dont go deaf sooner, since music is my passion.

      and omg... i just realized those floters got wild.
      today i was at the apple store waiting to recieve my phone back and oh boy those white walls were annoying to my vision, the floters were so bad, of course i ignore them, but it was way to much, my vision seems fucked up.

      and it didnt helped that a very stupid hidous guy was playing with the speakers volume at the store he was playing the music to fucking loud while i was waiting for my phone, i had to literally runaway from the store a few time covering my ears, it was unbearable.

      i feel very tired, i think i need good night sleep.

      sorry for the vent, im mostly postive and i try to remain postive... but there are days where you just need someone to talk to and my dad is very busy talking to someone else on the phone.
      if only my dog could talk.... anyway.

      hoping for a better day tomorrow.
      wishing you the best 2 u too guys.

      btw i forgot what i wanted to say...
      does the muffled blocked ear sensations goes away at some point?
      and does floaters settle down a bit too? i had them since onset.. but they werent that bothering.
    2. Jkph75

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      Well being told that you might have a degenerative condition tends to make people a little anxious. I'm sure you are noticing all kinds of things. I had the same thing happen to me. It's horrible. Hope you can get to the bottom of this soon.
    3. GregCA

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      Get an iPhone app (mimi hearing test): it's surprisingly accurate, and won't cost you much!
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      Mario martz

      Mario martz Member

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      Thank you Greg! i would give it a try i wanna get a hearing test just to see if i can start a treatment
      antivirals, etc

      or if its the same, to finally get rid of the hydrops diagnosis.

      but to be honest knowing that your hearing is the same or worst wont make a difference haha
    5. AUTHOR
      Mario martz

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      Hey Jkph75,
      well to be honest ive been trying to avoid the "degenerative condition" diagnosis
      because its still not 100% sure but of course first weeks were pure hell, lots of anxiety and distress.
      and i know they wont get me somewhere i need to keep focused and keep doing my work and project no matter what.

      right now its just the way i feel, thank god i dont have the classic menieres symptoms.
      i just been very alone these past days, and the muffled hearing and the noise kinda got me today.

      im just trying to keep it healthy, im not sure if ill get to the bottom of this.
      doctors dont have no idea, ill go see a neurotologist soon, my guts tell me that i have hidden hearing loss
      but who knows?

      my two ears have the same result at the audiogram, my tinnitus has improve and when i dont sleep well gets worse.
      i dont know its so shitty having something no one cant tell for sure what it is, or how to treat it.
      i guess we just have to make the best of every moment we are given.
      but there are days were things gets bothersome

      lets hope for better days
    6. Jamie m

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      You will be okay! I just came back from traveling and after my flight my T is always a little different but after flying about 8 times since onset I'm used to this and I know it's going to go away ( which it has already) my point is once you go through all these bad noises and tough times and realizes it's only temporary for you it will get so much better! I'm only saying this to you since we are literally twins with our T! Haha but you will be fine! I have the same random thoughts of my hearing but I literally think it's my anixeity! You will be okay! Trust me! :D
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