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      I to have had the ringing now for 20+ years. I don't remember not having it. It's so loud at times that I can't hear through it. I was also in severe need of hearing aids to here others in meetings. Last January 2014 I had ear surgery. Stapendectmy. My hearing went up 30 decibels. Can hear good now. Today I had my other ear done. Unfortunately I still have the severe ringing. I'm going to try caffeine free coffee, no baby aspirin a day, and anything else I need to cut out to see if it helps. Any suggestions appreciated.

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.


      Yes, quit aspirin and any other pain med for now! Google a list of ototoxic drugs and medications that should be avoided. Aspirin is a well known T antagonist. However, check with your doc, if you take it for heart related issues.

      Also, test your sensitivity, one by one, to caffeine, alcohol, sugar, sodium, etc. Most of these are triggers for T.

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      12/2014 became noticable
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      Loss of hearing and then stress and anxiety
      For me the trigger of T is anxiety or negative thoughts. All it takes is 30 seconds of worrying about something and I have T for the rest of the day. I'm not sure if this will help you but it's worth looking into. Quick question, how did that operation get you a 30 db boost in hearing? Is it one of the experimental hearing loss Drugs?

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